What is Yirgacheffe coffee?

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You might have heard of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee, but do you know what makes it so special?

Below we cover everything you need to know, including what it tastes like and why it is one of the most desirable coffees in the world.

Where does Yirgacheffe Coffee come from?

Yirgacheffe is a region in southern Ethiopia in the Sidamo region. The coffee is grown in the highlands at an altitude of 1,500 to 2,000 meters above sea level.

The area produces some of the best single-origin coffee in Ethiopia and therefore many people believe that Yirgacheffe is not only one of the best coffees coming from this country but also one of the best coffees worldwide.

Yirgacheffe Coffee has been produced by the Ethiopian Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union since 2002.

The cooperative union is made up of twenty member cooperatives that each has between 3,000 and 7,000 farmers.

The cooperative union aims to improve farmers’ livelihoods through increased quality standards and yields while also preserving the diversity of local ecosystems.

What is so special about Yirgacheffe Coffee?

Because of its high quality, Yirgacheffe has become one of the most popular specialty coffee varieties worldwide.

Yirgacheffe is farmed at high altitudes, a characteristic of most highly-prized coffee beans

In fact, it qualifies as “Strictly High Grown”, which is a term for coffee grown at over two thousand meters above sea level.

It is a speciality coffee known for its bright, sweet flavour.

Is Yirgacheffe Coffee arabica or robusta?

Yirgacheffe is an arabica bean.

Arabica beans are generally considered to be higher quality than robusta beans and are the most popular type of bean for specialty coffee.

What does Yirgacheffe Coffee taste like?

Yirgacheffe coffee is known for its bright, citrus notes.

These are generally accompanied by floral and fruity flavours, as well as sweet wine-like undertones.

Some of the specific flavour profiles commonly associated with Yirgacheffe include fruit, lemon, tea, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, caramel, chocolate and honey.

In fact, many of these descriptors are in line with the wide range of citrus fruit notes often found in Yirgacheffe beans: lemon, orange lime and peach are all common.

How is Yirgacheffe Coffee processed?

Washed coffee beans are a type of coffee bean that undergoes the washed process (also called the wet process).

In this processing method, the outer layer of the coffee cherry is removed (or washed off), and then the beans are fermented and dried.

This processing method allows for a cleaner and brighter taste than other coffee processing methods, allowing certain flavours to really come out in Yirgacheffe Coffee.

Where to buy Yirgacheffe Coffee in Australia

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is easier to source in Australia than some of the other highly-prized coffee bean varieties.

In fact, your local specialty coffee roaster is likely to have these in stock at some point or another.

If not, check online suppliers.

Expect to pay $18 and upwards for a 250g bag of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.