Sunbeam Cafe Series EM0700 vs Breville Smart Grinder Pro

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Sunbeam EM0700 Café Series Precision Grinder | Tap & Go Conical Burr Coffee Grinder | 30 Grind Settings | 450g Bean Hopper | for Espresso, Filter, Turkish Coffee & More | Stainless Steel

Sunbeam Cafe Series EM0700

A high-quality and affordable entry-level burr grinder.

Breville BCG820BSS The Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Grinder, Brushed Stainless Steel

Breville Smart Grinder Pro

Twice as many grind settings plus smart features make this our top pick.

Sunbeam and Breville are two of the most popular coffee gear brands in Australia thanks to their reputation for being high quality, reliable, and affordable.

Breville’s Smart Grinder Pro currently tops our list of the best coffee grinders. However, the Sunbeam EM0700 Café Series Precision Grinder is a worthy alternative and is available at a similar price point.

Trying to decide between the two? Read on as we compare the key features, break down the things you should keep in mind when choosing, and answer some commonly asked questions.

Grinding Mechanism

Breville’s Smart Grinder Pro comes with a 40mm conical burr which can grind at an impressive 450 revolutions per minute.

Burrs on Smart Grinder Pro

This means that you will have your coffee ready in a matter of seconds and that the grind will be consistent every time.

The Sunbeam coffee grinder also has conical burrs which are belt driven and have a no-tool recalibration system. This feature lets you focus on grinding instead of calibrating or making adjustments to the settings.

In terms of how loud they are, both grinders make a similar level of noise during operation.

Smart dosing control

The Breville has a unique grinding feature called “smart dosing control”. This feature is an important factor that differentiates these two grinders.

“Smart dosing control” means that the grinder will deliver a dose of ground coffee based on time instead of weight. If you want to change the dose all you have to do is adjust the time.

Breville’s grinding mechanism is focused on delivering the best espresso. However, users that are not familiar with this type of feature might find it confusing at first.

The Sunbeam EM0700 keeps things easy and grinds by weight just like most grinders on the market.

Grind settings

Out of the two, Breville offers more dialled settings (60), which is an advantage if you want to experiment with different grind sizes and brew in a french press or make cold brew every now and then.

Testing Smart Grinder Pro grind settings

This machine will definitely allow you to experiment with the size of your coffee grounds.

Sunbeam’s EM0700, on the other hand, has half the number of grind settings (30) and is unlikely to be as consistent when grinding coarser than what is required for pour-over.

Having more grind settings is a clear advantage as this will allow you to find the perfect setting for a specific coffee bean or brew method.

Breville’s burr coffee grinder lets you change the adjustments in small increments, making it best for those who want to experiment or value precision.

But if you want a grinder that covers the basics while keeping it simple, you should go with the Sunbeam as it is easier to operate and still covers all the basic grind ranges.

In the end, which of these two coffee grinders will work best for your home comes down to what you brew the most on a daily basis along with your personal preferences.

Hopper capacity

Both the Smart Grinder Pro and the Sunbeam coffee grinder have a hopper capacity of 450 grams. These hoppers are made from plastic with some stainless steel parts.

450g is decent sized, and great if you live with others and consume a fair amount of coffee.

The size might be overkill for individuals who will use the grinder just for themselves, as 450 grams of coffee could easily last a month or more. In this case, you may benefit from a smaller hopper size, especially if space is also a concern.

One other advantage of the Breville hopper is the locking system that makes it easy to transfer coffee beans directly from the hopper to a bag and vice versa without making a mess in your kitchen. This is a great feature to have if you switch coffee beans constantly or would simply like to store your coffee in a different place.

Ease of Use

Once you get the hang of how the “smart dosing control” works, the Smart Grinder Pro operation becomes fairly easy and straightforward.

Testing the Smart Grinder Pro

As discussed in our Smart Grinder Pro review, our Barista and reviewer Josef Mott has been using and testing this grinder for over a year has found it a great addition to his coffee setup.

He thinks the range of grind settings available should be able to suit most users, and the ‘smart features’ can take some of the needless waste out of the coffee-making process, which can quickly occur if you’re not giving your full attention.

He also found that being able to change what you grind directly into is one of the best features of this grinder.

Having the option of grinding straight into your portafilter with fixed portafilter holders is great for espresso lovers, but then you can also grind directly into a paper filter if you would like and comes equipped with a grinding chamber if you need to transport your ground coffee from one space to another.

The Sunbeam Cafe Series grinder has a unique tap and go technology which makes it extremely easy to operate. You control the amount of coffee beans that you want to grind by simply pressing it into the handle.

This mechanism will definitely favour those that do not have a precision coffee scale at home or are in a hurry. All that you need to do is set how many grams of coffee you want and the grinder will do the rest.

Out of the two, we believe the Sunbeam is more user friendly for beginners as it doesn’t require changing any time intervals and sticks to the tried and tested grinder set-up.

However, the smart features on the Smart Grinder pro make it a better option for people serious about learning about their coffee and making improvements in their brewing over time.


One of the key features of the Breville coffee grinder is that, out of the two, it is compatible with most espresso machines.

The Smart Grinder Pro comes with two portafilter cradles: Small (50-54 mm) and Large (58 mm).

Breville Smart Grinder Pro portafilter cradles

This makes it a very versatile option and means it will work with almost any espresso machine.

The Sunbeam EM0700 is compatible with 58mm portafilters but some users find the dosing design can make the grounds delivery a bit messy. As with many grinders, a bit of trial and error is required to get a hang of using it with minimal mess.


The Sunbeam Cafe Series grinder has a 12-month machine replacement warranty. You can also get professional repairs and spare parts with their service agents depending on your location.

Breville also has a 12-month domestic use warranty against defects. It also offers a 3-month warranty if you use the grinder in a commercial environment. During this period, Breville will repair or replace the faulty parts such as conical burrs, motor, or any other machine part.

Making Your Selection

Sunbeam EM0700 Café Series Precision Grinder | Tap & Go Conical Burr Coffee Grinder | 30 Grind Settings | 450g Bean Hopper | for Espresso, Filter, Turkish Coffee & More | Stainless Steel

Sunbeam Cafe Series EM0700

A high-quality and affordable entry-level burr grinder.

Breville BCG820BSS The Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Grinder, Brushed Stainless Steel

Breville Smart Grinder Pro

Twice as many grind settings plus smart features make this our top pick.

Hopper size, conical burrs, and a similar noise level are some of the characteristics that these grinders both share.

If you are starting out on your coffee journey and want a good burr grinder that is easy to operate and nail the basics, the Sunbeam EM0700 is a great option.

However, we believe that Breville’s Smart Grinder Pro is a better investment if you plan on getting serious about coffee.

With twice as many grind options as the Sunbeam, the Breville will make sure that no matter the type of brew you want to make, you get a consistent and more precise performance.

Having 60 grind settings will become helpful when if you want to experiment and expand your coffee knowledge.

It is also very alluring for espresso lovers thanks to the top-notch burr and smart dosing control. It is no wonder why Breville’s Smart Grinder currently tops our list.

Coffee Grinder FAQ

Is the Breville Smart Grinder Pro good for espresso?

Yes, the Breville Smart Grinder Pro can definitely grind for espresso. Out of its 60 grind adjustments, many are fine enough for espresso. Having this many adjustments lets you experiment with extraction times and can come in handy when using alternative brewing methods that require a fine grind such as Aeropress or the Flair Neo.

How do I use my Breville Smart Grinder Pro for espresso?

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro encourages you to adjust your grind depending on the number of cups of coffee or coffee shots that you want to brew. This means that once you add your selection, the grinder will set a corresponding grind time. Instead of measuring by grams, you will have to adjust the time every 0.2 seconds until you get the final dosage that you want.
Let’s say you want to use 18 grams of coffee for your espresso. First, you will have to select the desired grind setting before adjusting the desired grind time (having a scale will be extremely important). While doing this might sound a bit complicated at first, Breville’s machine guides you through the process.