Sunbeam EM0440 vs EM0480 Coffee Grinders

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It’s no secret that Sunbeam devices are great options for affordable burr coffee grinders for at-home use. Their EM0440 and EM0480 models are two of the most popular entry-level electric devices on the market.

If you’ve just started on your search, you may be wondering what exactly differentiates these two products and which is the best fit for your grinding style. While both models have many similar features included, there are subtleties to each that may make one model the optimal choice for you.

Here, we’ll break down what both grinders have in common, and discuss characteristics unique to each device. Depending on your grinding frequency, brew method, and desired consistency with grounds, one may better fit your needs.

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Common Grounds: What can you find in both Coffee Grinders?

Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Both the EM0440 and EM0480 grinders come with stainless steel, conical burrs to minimize heat transfer to your coffee and preserve the aromatic qualities within the beans. The burr design in these Sunbeam machines is based on the conical burr set of a Lux grinder, which is housed in plastic burr carriers. With the use of conical burrs in these products, both devices guarantee an even and consistent grind every time.

Grind Settings

Both the EM0440 and EM0480 have 25 different grind settings available, ranging from fine to coarse. The notched grind adjustment collar allows users to easily twist from left to right to move from coarse settings to fine settings with ease.

Versatility and Efficiency

Each grinder comes equipped with a 250g hopper at the top of the machine, which allows users to grind without having to worry about refilling after each use.

The EM0440 and EM0480 both have the grind direct to handle feature to allow users to fill their espresso handle or filter directly from the coffee shoot. Each Sunbeam grinder comes with handle adaptors of varying sizes to accommodate most wand sizes.

Each machine also comes with a plastic storage container for coffee grounds, which is convenient for those who like to grind a larger quantity of coffee in one sitting.

Easy Cleaning

Each machine is easy to open and disassemble, which makes the cleaning process easy and regular maintenance manageable.

Both machines include a conical burr brush to ensure a deep clean, as well as a silicone coffee spout to attach to the coffee chute in order to minimize wasted grounds.

Key Differences to Consider

Aesthetics and Size

The EM0440 grinder is the smaller of the two machines, making it perfect for users with limited kitchen bench or countertop space available. This device weighs 2.4kg and stands 29.6cm high. With its smaller size and mostly plastic construction, this grinder weighs significantly less than the EM0480.

Its minimalist design makes for easy navigation and use. This coffee grinder is focused on keeping things simple, and its ergonomic design allows this device to be one of the most user-friendly machines on the market.

The Sunbeam EM0480 was released as a companion for the brand’s em6900 espresso machine. One primary upgrade from the cheaper model relates to the construction of the machine’s body. With an added heavy-duty die-cast metal build, this top-of-the-line grinder is built to last for years.

Aesthetically, this machine has a more sophisticated, modern look than its predecessor, and stands taller than the average coffee grinder at 38cm high. However, while weighing more than the em0440 machine at 3.3kg, the grinder itself is still a lightweight and space-friendly option.

Power switch

The em0440 has an extremely minimalist approach to its power switch. Simply plug it in, and press the espresso handle, filter, or container to the grind on demand button located in the centre of the portafilter rest. When finished, simply remove the handle or filter away from the button, and the machine will stop.

With one primary button and an adjustable grind setting dial, this device is a great option for beginners and coffee lovers who dislike excessive buttons and features.

The EM0480 includes additional options for the power switch. This device includes a micro-switch to ensure that the machine cannot operate unless the hopper is correctly locked in place.

The main power switch at the bottom of the machine has three positions: Off, On (which activates a continuous grind capability), and Auto, which grinds when a portafilter is pushed against the micro-switch in the middle of the portafilter rest. These features give users to have more control over their grind.

Automatic Hopper Shutter

One additional upgrade the EM0480 brings to the table is the inclusion of a bean hopper that has automatic shutters that close themselves when the hopper is removed from the grinder.

This prevents coffee beans from spilling from the bottom when the hopper is detached and allows users the ability to switch out their coffee beans with ease.


From a price perspective, the em0440 is a reliable burr grinder that doesn’t cost a fortune. While it lacks many of the bells and whistles found in more expensive devices, it provides a quick and efficient approach to producing consistent grounds. Retailing for around $100, it represents great value.

The EM0480 costs about twice the price of the EM0440. For this additional investment, you get features and conveniences that make for smooth, easy use each time. This grinder is still in an affordable range for a burr grinder and is built to last if well maintained.

Making Your Selection

The Sunbeam EM0440 is the perfect conical burr coffee grinder for entry-level users. For an affordable price, users are able to get many of the features provided in a quality burr grinder.

The Sunbeam EM0480 is an upgrade from the EM0440 in both build quality and size. For users looking for a few additional features in their grinder from the entry-level machine, this is a great option for you to consider!

Whether you’re grinding for espresso or for filter coffee, these two Sunbeam grinder options are both worth considering if you’re looking for quality-ground coffee without breaking the bank.