The Best Coffee Roasters in Brisbane and Queensland

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If you live in Brisbane, or anywhere in Queensland for that matter, then there’s nothing stopping you from having a fantastic cup of coffee.

Freshly roasted, high-quality coffee beans have never been more accessible, and you don’t need to look far to find a local roaster sourcing the world’s best beans and roasting and packaging them up for you to enjoy.

To give you a head start in your search, we’ve listed below a number of Queensland roasters that have caught our eye. Check them out for your next bag of beans or drop in for a cup of coffee.

Wolff Coffee Roasters

Address: 140 Gerler Road, Hendra, 4011, QLD
Phone: 1800 WOLFFY

Wolff Coffee Roasters was set up in 2010 by Peter and Penny Wolff after choosing to launch a new coffee roasting business in Brisbane.

The focus was squarely on flavour in the cup, sourced in a sustainable way; the ultimate goal was “to make delicious specialty grade coffee available and approachable to everyday coffee drinkers.” 

Peter Wolff has been at the forefront of the Specialty Coffee Industry in Australia for more than thirty years, beginning his coffee journey in 1984. Recognised as one of few Master Roasters in Australia and as a pioneer and innovator of the Australiasian coffee and tea industry.

Peter and Penny’s knowledge and reputation as international coffee judges is in demand from industry professionals all around the world, having trained many of the roasters and baristas who are forging their futures in the coffee industry both in Australia and internationally.  

Today Wolff Coffee Roasters supplies espresso machines, equipment and all the accessories needed to get started as a specialty roaster.

In addition to supplying equipment, Wolff Coffee Roasters has also established an educational facility that provides consultation, training and education in all aspects of mastering the craft of espresso, roasting, cupping and sensory development.

White Whale Coffee

Address: 2/4-16 Tingira Street, Cairns

Named after the majestic white whale fondly known as Migaloo, White Whale Coffee Roasters is a coffee company living out its vision to make a positive difference to people, communities, and the environment through coffee.

Co-owner, Ali Slotemaker, said the company name is a constant reminder of the delicate environment in which we live and how we must reduce our impact as much as possible.

Ali’s husband Steve expertly roasts all the coffee on a newly acquired Kirsch + Mausser Probat. The coffee is full-bodied and sweet, a roasting style combining the best of the Aussie and the best of the Kiwi roasting influences.

Try Beach House Blend for a smooth chillout experience, Riptide for something rich and cocoa-like, or Stone Hammer for those looking for a flavour bomb of chocolate & stone fruit.

Staying true to their values, White Whale donates a portion of every coffee bean sale to the Reef Restoration Foundation (RRF). RRF is a Cairns-based not-for-profit social enterprise that grows baby coral in coral nurseries and, once big enough, replants these corals onto the reef. So you can feel good knowing your coffee purchase is helping regenerate the Great Barrier Reef.

Blackboard Coffee Roasters


Blackboard Coffee Roasters is passionate about sourcing good coffee from farmers around the globe that embody quality, ethical, and sustainable growing practices.

They strive to surround themselves with good people, from their farmers and suppliers to their staff and our customers.

Combining their love for good coffee and the company of good people, their community of like-minded people has flourished. Operating in the heart of gods country Burleigh Heads in QLD, Blackboard Coffee Roasters now supplies delicious coffee to over 40 cafes around the world, along with many more home baristas.

Blackboard is continually trying to strengthen its relationships with coffee farmers, wholesale partners and coffee drinkers while sticking to their core values of roasting and enjoying good coffee.


The Coffee Commune

Address: 78-84 Abbotsford Road, Bowen Hills, QLD 4006
Phone: 07 3569 5500

The Coffee Commune offers something a little different to the other roasteries on our list.

Headquartered in Brisbane, The Coffee Commune is a dedicated facility for café and hospitality professionals, coffee enthusiasts, businesses, and suppliers to learn from each other and accelerate their business.

It is a community of coffee and hospitality professionals, driven by the belief that together they can grow stronger and achieve more.

The Coffee Commune is home to a modern, state-of-the-art facility for coffee production. If you are in the business of brewing and serving coffee, the ability to roast your own beans opens up many possibilities.

The Coffee Commune caters to seasoned roasters right through to beginners. Roast your own, let them roast your beans for you, or they can teach you the tricks of the trade, so you create your own perfect blend every time.

Whether you are supplying green beans, roasting your own coffee blends, operating a café, increasing your own knowledge for coffee, or simply creating memorable coffee experiences, your journey with The Coffee Commune will open up opportunities for network growth, enhanced learning, and collaboration with industry experts.

Slide Coffee Roasters

Address: 1/2 Lomandra Place, Coolum Beach QLD 4573
Phone: 07 5309 3935

Slide Coffee was established in 2017 by founders Aaron and Rahel. They had a clear vision: to create epic coffee and build a community by doing what they love, and doing it well.

They believe in good coffee and good business. This involves bringing together coffee lovers and cafe owners, and sourcing coffee beans through suppliers with sustainability and equality in mind for the coffee farmers of the world. Slide has a commitment to their community, global and local.

They buy only specialty grade coffee that meets their high standards of taste and quality. Slide works with trusted importers to buy coffee carefully – ethically and sustainably.

Sustainability is another big focus for Slide Coffee Roasters. They use recyclable bags and avoid plastic wherever possible. Their takeaway cups are the most environmentally friendly on the market – the first truly plastic and bioplastic free takeaway cup.

The solar power system at Slide covers almost all of their power usage and they avoid any products that are harsh on the environment.

Quest Coffee Roastery

Address: Lot 5 / 23 Hutchinson Street Burleigh Heads QLD 4220
Phone: 07 5645 5237

Located in the beautiful Burleigh Heads, Quest Coffee Roasters is all about attention to detail. When creating coffee, they take meticulous care every step of the way from green bean to flat white (or whatever your coffee heart desires). They love coffee and want to ensure your love of coffee is rewarded.

The team at Quest team have a passion for making customers happy and appreciate feedback, suggestions, and knowing that they are making coffee, food, and drinks that customers want to come back for more.

Quest Coffee Roasters believe social and environmental sustainability is essential to a healthy society and planet and they strive for these ideals in all their products. This includes sourcing green coffee beans that are organic, fair trade, and Rainforest Alliance certified.

Flying West Coffee Roasters

Address: 13/9 Fellowship Drive, Doonan QLD 4562
Phone: 07 54711865

Beginning as a backyard obsession with a home-made drum and the best green
coffee beans they could get their hands on, the team at Flying West spent long
nights and days tinkering, tasting and experimenting with different beans and
methods, driven by their mission to make a great cup of coffee even better.

From these humble beginnings, Flying West have honed their roasting skills and
style to create a range so good that you’ll spend your nights dreaming of your
morning coffee. From delicate and subtle to full flavoured and bold, their carefully
crafted range of single origins and blends will have you coming back for more.

A much-loved name on the Sunshine Coast and beyond, you can visit their open-
plan and inviting industrial style cafe and specialty coffee roastery in Doonan in the
Noosa Hinterland. Otherwise, you can find them on the weekends slinging shots at
the Noosa Farmers Market, Yandina Markets and Eumundi Markets, or discover
them in many cafes all along the Sunshine Coast.


First Batch Coffee Roasters

Address: 2/8 Venture Drive, Noosaville QLD 4566
Phone: 1300 25 30 30

First Batch Coffee Roasters are specialty coffee roasters in Noosa, QLD. These guys are not like your typical local roaster, pimping profiles on a drum roaster but rather they roast using a 25kg fluid bed air roaster.

Founder and owner Brent Deller has a strong background in coffee education and believes this style of roasting not only creates a unique taste profile, but it allows the roaster to create perfectly repeatable profiles roast after roast.

This ensures consistency and allows the First Batch team to focus on training and supporting the cafes & restaurants they supply.

If you call into the First Batch Coffee roastery you will be welcomed by their quaint espresso and brew bar. Here you can try their coffees that range from seasonal single origins to speciality blends and if you like what your tasting you can grab some beans for home.

Their espresso bar looks directly into their training room that is fitted with only the best brewing equipment and if you venture further into their warehouse you will stumble onto their roastery where you can view their unique roaster in action.

First Batch Coffee Roasters is a must visit for all coffee lovers visiting the beautiful Noosa region.

The Colombian Coffee Co.

Address: 4/20 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba, QLD
Phone: (07) 5373 7258

When the founders of The Colombian Coffee Co. arrived in Australia they loved their new home on the beautiful Sunshine Coast but missed the unique and smooth coffee offerings from their hometown of Medellin, Colombia.

One year later, in 2015, The Colombian Coffee Co. opened its doors and they never looked back!

By roasting their own responsibly sourced, speciality coffee beans and prioritising quality and customer care The Colombian Coffee Co. have been championed and embraced by the community in Mooloolaba where their flagship café is located.

Following the success of The Colombian Coffee Co. cafe, they opened a second project in nearby town Buderim – The Roastery. This is where a UG15 Probat coffee roaster services the demands of their growing business.

A year later they opened their third cafe right at the heart of the new Maroochydore city centre where they quickly became an important part of the new local community.

Tattooed Sailor Coffee Roasters

Address: 176 Newell Street, Bungalow, Cairns, QLD 4870
Phone: 0420 901 414

Tattooed Sailor Coffee Roasters (TSCR) was launched in 2016 by coffee competition judge Oliver James, inspired by a trip to Ethiopia. The roastery in Cairns doubles as a cafe, where visitors can watch (and smell!) the roasting process.

TSCR offers five blends, ranging from the milk-chocolatey and mild White Label to the full-bodied Icebreaker. You can also find decaf coffee and several single-origins, which are roasted on rotation.

James launched the TSCR flagship Guyala Cafe on Cairns Esplanade in 2020, with a thoughtfully curated menu prioritising indigenous Far North Queensland ingredients and a venue boasting tropical views.

More recently, TSCR partnered with local coffee growers Skybury Farms to create a blend that is 70% grown at the Mareeba farm under the shade of papaya trees – and reinforced by citrusy acidic beans from Guatemala and brown sugar sweetness from Columbia.

The result is the product of two years of collaboration between the roasters and farmers to achieve the flavour needed for roasting. Sky High brings a honeycomb sweetness that disproves anyone who tells you that Australian coffee is no good!

The roastery is also home to Cairns Coffee School, where both rookie and experienced baristas can develop their skills.


Passport Specialty Coffee

Address: 49 Toombul Rd, Northgate, QLD, 4013

Passport Specialty Coffee was established in 2018 by Aaron McKenzie and Jason Joffe as a place to make high scoring, sustainable coffees accessible to everyone, not just coffee people.

The pair met while working together at a previous roastery, they realised they both shared a love of amazing coffee and attention to detail. Aaron had 10 years of knowledge and experience in barista training, equipment and café design. Jason brought 20 years of roasting and green bean knowledge.

Passport Specialty Coffee is a culmination of everything you would imagine that this experience and knowledge manifests as. Their space is a place to experience coffee, not just consume it.

The Coffees they serve, and there are over 40 coffees on the menu, are all high scoring lots with a story to each one.

Jason spent years in green coffee sourcing prior to starting Passport and many of the coffees they serve come from his relationships and supply lines.

Passport applies this philosophy to all of their coffee, even blends. The coffee needs to be 86 points or higher, must come from transparent supply lines and must be both environmentally and economically sustainable.

This way there will be delicious coffee for generations to come.

Black Sheep Coffee

Address: 109 Norman St, Woolloongabba, QLD 4102

Black Sheep Coffee is a specialty coffee roastery based in inner-city Brisbane; driven by experience, knowledge and love of exceptional coffee.

Founded in the early 2000’s Black Sheep has been a consistent supplier of specialty roasted coffee within the Brisbane coffee scene; they offer wholesale accounts, online and in-store retail, as well as dine-in and takeaway service.

Black Sheep Coffee can be found on Norman Street, in the industrial back streets of Woolloongabba.

With a growing reputation as a destination for reliable, quality coffee, Black Sheep Coffee showcases a variety of single-origin filter and espresso beans as well as their much-loved, specialty house blends.

Being a small-batch roastery, the roasting team partners with green bean suppliers who share a passion for quality and consistency, to bring customers seasonal coffees with unique tasting notes.

Black Sheep Coffee provides Brisbane locals with delicious brews seven days a week.