Porlex Tall vs Mini Coffee Grinders

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Porlex Tall 2

Porlex Mini 2

It’s no secret that the Japanese brand Porlex makes some of the best mid-range manual coffee grinders on the market. Their precise and durable ceramic burrs grinders have become the benchmark for affordable hand grinders around the world.

But you’ve probably already heard all the hype about these grinders – you just want to know which size is best.

Read on as we break down the key considerations when choosing between the Porlex Tall and the Porlex Mini Coffee Grinders.

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Perhaps the most important difference between the two is their capacity.

The Porlex Mini coffee grinder has an approximate bean capacity of 20g. This will produce enough ground beans for a double espresso shot, or a 2-cup medium-strength french press. However, if you’re using a pour-over method such as a V60, or you’re making coffee for more than 2 people, you may be limited for space with the Mini.

The Porlex Tall coffee grinder has an approximate bean capacity of 30g. This is enough beans to make a strong 2-cup of french-press coffee and should accommodate 2-person serves with most other manual brewing methods.


These grinders are built to be tough and therefore make great travel or hiking/camping coffee companions. Both the body and the crank arm are constructed from Stainless Steel. They even have “Ceramic Grinder for Outdoor Use” stamped on the bottom.

They would both be considered small and portable. However, if you’re tight on space, the Mini is your best bet. Both grinders measure 47mm in diameter, but the Mini is 130mm tall while the Tall is 178mm. In terms of weight, the Mini comes in at 250 grams while the tall is 275 grams.

Another differentiating factor here is that the Porlex Mini comes with a rubber strap. This serves as a storage solution for the crank lever but many users find it also assists with grip during the grinding process.

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Grind Quality and Consistency

Porlex grinders are made with quality ceramic burr grinders and have great consistency for this price range. The grind size is adjusted by twisting the knob to the left or the right until you feel it click.

  • Espresso: 1 – 3 clicks
  • Aeropress: 1 – 7 clicks
  • Moka pot: 1 – 5 clicks
  • V60: 3 – 5 clicks
  • Chemex: 7 – 9 clicks
  • French press: 9 – 11 clicks

Some users have in the past complained of poor grind consistency with the Porlex grinders. The company claims to have addressed these issues with the release of the Mini II and Tall II. As noted by The Pour Over Project, “the burrs noticeably chew through beans more quickly and steadily – the company claims 1.3x the grounds with the same number of cranks.”

However, buyers do need to recognise that at this price point they are buying a mid-range grinder that is never going to compete with those in the $200-$300+ price bracket like the Comandante or Lido.

Regardless, the burr grinder on both the Porlex Tall and Mini are the same, so this shouldn’t be a factor when choosing between the two.


The Polex Mini and the Porlex Tall both retail for around AUD $100. This puts them in the same range as the Hario Skerton Pro and Timemore Chestnut C2 and slightly more expensive than the popular Hario Skerton Plus.

Making Your Selection

Porlex Tall 2

Porlex Mini 2

At the end of the day, these are very similar coffee grinders. If you’re going to be using it mostly at home, and you expect to make coffee for more than just yourself, it makes sense to opt for the Tall (30g) due to its extra capacity. However, for single person use, or for travel, the Mini (20g) would be our pick.