10 of the Best Coffee Roasters in Perth and WA

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In just a couple of short decades, the coffee scene in Western Australia has gone from being controlled by a few big players to a bustling world of innovation, driven by many small independent roasters.

It now has a thriving specialty coffee scene that rivals that found anywhere else in the country, and there’s no shortage of coffee shops and roasteries for coffee lovers to check out.

Below, we list 10 specialty coffee roasters that have caught our eye. Drop into one of these great local roasteries for your next bag of beans, or check out their online stores.

Margaret River Roasting Co

Address: Unit 1/18 Burler Drive, Vasse WA
Phone: 08 9755 4418
Website: margaretriverroasting.com.au

The team at Margaret River Roasting Co believes good perpetuates good. Whether it’s them roasting or their customers enjoying their quality coffee, they are all about bringing good people together – that’s what they love.

This roastery consists of a group of close friends, focussed on something close to their hearts – quality coffee, roasted with passion and integrity.

MRRC is a collaborative effort. They are in constant communication with coffee bean farmers, suppliers and wholesalers. They believe that a farm to cup relationship is vital to producing excellent coffee.

At every stage, they protect the purity and quality, so that what fills your cup is fresh, great tasting, sustainable small batch roasted coffee, from a good place, for people who care for each other and the world around them. 

Rocket Fuel Coffee Roasters

Address: 6 Stirling Highway, Nedlands, WA 6009
Website: rocketfuelcoffee.com.au

Rocketfuel is a family run coffee company located in Nedlands, Perth. They specialise in small batch, ethically sourced coffee, which is all roasted on their trusty Diedrich IR12 coffee roaster.

By only using beans that meet the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) “Specialty” grade, Rocketfuel ensures all beans are of high quality and feature the distinctive flavours favoured by specialty coffee lovers.

It also helps them ensure ethical trading, sustainability, and transparency, with beans being purchased either directly from the farm or through small co-operatives.

Beans can be purchased on-site or from their online store and they also offer wholesale coffee supply for both cafes and offices.

In addition to roasted beans, Rocketfuel also sells food and coffee 7 days a week and has both dine-in and drive-thru options available.


Leftfield Coffee

Address: 30 Drake St, Osborne Park WA 6017
Phone: 0412 223 614
Website: www.leftfieldcoffee.com

Leftfield Coffee is the culmination of over 23 years of experience roasting specialty coffee. It started all at a time when the market was controlled by a few very large commercial roasters and people like Kamran wanted to do it better.   

At Leftfield Coffee they create complex and richly flavoured coffees by combining the best parts of old school techniques and modern developments.

The beans are roasted on custom-built Probat Coffee Roasters with thick cast iron plates, constructed from the original 1950s blueprints, modified with the latest state-of-the-art burners and controls for absolute precision.

The roasting team doesn’t use computers to control the roast. They are taught to use their senses and intuition to create a unique and consistent coffee. The roasters’ focus is always on the beans not on a computer screen. This is what gives Leftfield Coffee its special something, a personality that is hard to replicate.  

From the farmers, pickers and processors, to the roasters, baristas and café owners, Leftfield works with a large diverse community that they care deeply about. To them, it’s always been about serving the community that they are a part of. 

Grouch & Co

Address: 1/45 McCoy Street, Myaree, WA 6154
Phone: 089319 8188
Website: www.grouchandco.com

Proudly female led, Grouch is about inclusivity and pushing the boundaries. They hunt down coffee that excites and inspires them, only roasting specialty grade green beans.

Grouch only deals with green bean suppliers that are transparent and can provide a paper trail of everyone along the coffee chain, especially the farmers, being paid for their work.

They roast small batches daily in their warehouse, then carefully curate seasonal blends with specialty grade coffee.

The limited edition single origin range rotates constantly, keeping up with the freshest green beans available.

Grouch has won numerous awards since its inception in 2014 including the coveted Australian International Coffee Award – Champion Espresso and many Golden bean medals for Espresso blends and Single Origin coffees.

They are Members of International Women’s Coffee Alliance Australia Inc, Women in Coffee WA and ASCA.

Frothin Coffee

Address: 99 Pinjarra Rd, Mandurah
Phone: 0451 022 279
Website: frothincoffee.com.au

Follow your dream.  Quit your day job.  Open a coffee shop!  Frothin Coffee was started as a means for a family to step outside the norm and create something awesome together.

Roasting for the Frothin team began as a hobby.  Buying green beans online, roasting on a frypan and smoking out the kitchen.  Soon operations progressed to the shed utilising a modified barbeque.

Things got real when they discovered wood fire roasting. They reached out to Matteo and Lisa, owners of roasting equipment manufacturer Trabattoni.  A trip to Italy ensued and the wonderful world of roasting coffee over a gentle wood flame was realised.

Frothin Coffee now operates out of a repurposed mechanic workshop.  All of their coffee is roasted in the 15kg Trabattoni and they love the rich development that wood fire gives.

The roastery also has a café and drive through attached.  This allows for plenty of customer interaction as they try different blends, origins and roast profiles. It’s been a pretty satisfying journey so far.


Karvan Coffee

Address: 1/12 Horus Bend, Bibra Lake, WA 6163
Phone: (08) 9418 4877

Karvan Coffee are passionate about roasting consistently delicious, superb quality coffee beans for everyone.

They have been roasting award-winning coffee for 12 years and their experience shows as they supply some of Perth’s best cafes and deliver to coffee fanatics all over Australia.

Marte and Savannah’s dedication to roasting has seen Karvan grow as a well-known brand amongst coffee lovers.

There are few female roasters in Australia and Brad and Fleur Cassidy, creators of Karvan Coffee, proudly employ two of them.

With longstanding, expert supply chain relationships and a cool room for bean storage, Karvan Coffee is a coffee roaster whose attention to detail shines through in every cup.

Yahava KoffeeWorks

Yahava KoffeeWorks Swan Valley: 4752 West Swan Rd, West Swan WA 6055
Phone: 9250 8599
Yahava KoffeeWorks Margaret River: 2/2 Andrews Way, Margaret River WA 6285
Phone: 9757 2900

Yahava KoffeeWorks is a gateway to an ‘adventure with coffee’ like no other.

Each coffee has its own story, where it comes from, who grew it, how it is roasted, how it is brewed and how it should be enjoyed.

Yahava have travelled the world’s tropical coffee belt discovering new plantations, new beans, new tastes and new adventures and they bring all of these discoveries to you.

There are ‘no silver bullets,’ great coffee is the sum total of a multitude of things, it takes experience and hard work.

Yahava’s reputation is built on producing a great coffee not just once, but each and every time.

They start by carefully selecting the very best green coffees and then roasting them to release the rich flavours inherent in each bean.

Yahava have developed a wide selection of coffees designed to satisfy most coffee palates, from the classics right through to the adventurous.

A good cup of coffee may well be what others strive for, but at Yahava KoffeeWorks, the goal is to deliver a great coffee without compromise every single time.

Sparks Coffee Roasters

Address: Bean Thru Cafe, 89B Jull Street Armadale 6112
Phone: 0439 919 351
Website: sparkscoffeeroasters.com

Sparks Coffee Roasters, based in Armadale, was established in 2017 for the local community to have better access to freshly roasted coffee.

In the 5 years since starting, it has become much more than that, with owner Stephen Larsen creating multiple award-winning blends and beautifully roasted single origins for filter and espresso. It has become a coffee hub in the south eastern hills of Perth.

Sparks Coffee Roasters was aptly named after the family farm up in Chattering and encompasses family and passion which Stephen brings to work every day.

With blends named after his sons, he roasts every coffee to best portray the farmer behind it to showcase the amazing work they have done.

This connection he strives to pass on to customers and wholesale partners so we can all join in the awesomeness of coffee from around the world!


Darkstar Coffee

Address: 104 Frobisher St, Osborne Park, WA 6017
Phone: 08 6107 3539
Website: www.darkstarcoffee.com.au

Darkstar Coffee, a family-owned and operated business for close to two decades prides itself on creating a complete solution for its clients; be it producing freshly roasted coffee every day to supporting their wholesale clients with the provision of machinery, training and service. 

The barista training is provided with the vision to provide the very best training in coffee extraction, brewing, milk texturing and latte art as well as coffee business management. This is to ensure all members of our “cafe family” have every opportunity for sustainable growth and success. 

Moreover, they deliver a wide range of equipment suitable for their customers’ operations and growth of their business with their in-house Technical Service Team ensuring they are kitted out with the best solution available, specifically tailored to their individual needs. 

The roastery is conveniently located at 104 Frobisher St Osborne Park and their coffee offerings extend to their experience lab which enables every visitor the opportunity to taste and purchase freshly roasted coffee, which is delivered straight to the cup! 

Yellowline Coffee Roasters

Website: www.yellowlinecoffee.com.au

Yellowline Coffee Roasters is a Local North Perth Roaster that excels in more than just good coffee!

They have focused their efforts on one Signature Coffee Bean blend, a tried and tested Decaf Blend, the ultimate smooth nitrogen infused Cold Brew, and one big point of difference – their delivery.

With Free Delivery to Perth Metro every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, running out of coffee is non-existent. They even offer a Cold Brew Bottle exchange service that saves the planet and your pocket.

Yellowline Coffee Roaster Chris said, “buying coffee with hundreds of different blends can be confusing, time-consuming, and result in a coffee a customer might not like”. Yellowline Coffee keeps it simple for the customer by focusing on supplying great quality coffee and cold brew over blend quantity.

Their coffee is served at numerous cafes around Perth but when you order online they roast to order, so you can always count on your coffee being fresh.

Throw in free weekly delivery to your door, and it doesn’t get much better!
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