Niche Zero Grinder: Does it live up to the hype?

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The Niche Zero coffee grinder is a conical burr single dose grinder that is suitable for both espresso and filter coffee. It has an aluminium body with oak wood details and comes with 63mm burrs, which helps prevent grind retention. The infinite dial on top lets you select the precise grind setting for the type of coffee you are making.

Thanks to their patented design, Niche claim that you will be able to create barista-quality coffee every time with this grinder. It also comes with a socket driver, a cleaning brush and a 58mm dosing cup which fits most portafilters.

But does the Niche Zero really live up to all the hype and is it right for you? Let’s find out.

Who is the Niche Zero for?

The Niche Zero is great for baristas and coffee enthusiasts that want a grinder that delivers consistent grind size and quality at home.

The grinder has a full grind range and it produces minimal noise when grinding, an advantage for those living with other people. Thanks to the compact and minimal design, the Niche Zero can fit almost anywhere. Compared to most coffee grinders, it takes up almost no space inside a cabinet or on top of the counter.

The dial adjustment on the grinder is very intuitive and it allows users to choose a grind setting from anywhere on the dial. It even grinds course enough for french press and cold brew. The dial moves easily from fine grinding to coarser and delivers a consistent grind size in seconds. It also comes with markings that help differentiate grind sizes. A less experienced person might find this useful so that they can know which grind size fits best depending on the brewing method they want to brew.

It is less suitable for those that grind large batches of coffee or make a lot of coffee at home. Despite having a capacity of 50 grams, since it is designed for single dosing, some users find the Niche Zero coffee grinder works best when grinding a maximum of 30-40 grams of coffee at a time.

What is a Single Dose Grinder?

A single dose grinder is designed to deliver the exact amount of ground coffee that you need to make your coffee. This basically means that you will be leaving the hopper empty once grinding is complete.

This allows the user to focus on grinding the exact number of grams of coffee beans that you will be using in order to get a precise dose.

This kind of dosing helps prevent coffee retention inside the burrs and it also allows you to store your coffee beans in an airtight coffee container instead of leaving them inside the hopper, extending the life of your coffee by keeping it fresh.

Single-dose grinders like the Niche Zero Grinder have a smaller capacity since they focus on delivering consistency and ensuring you always get fresh ground coffee.

Niche Zero Features and Benefits

Direct grind path

The direct grind path helps prevent a “popcorn” effect (coffee beans bouncing around in the hopper) while the beans are being ground.

Thanks to the flow control disk at the bottom the beans have a direct path towards the burrs, allowing for more consistent grind quality.

63mm conical burrs

The 63mm conical burrs are designed to deliver the highest quality grinding with zero retention and are one of the best burrs you can find in a home grinder. The Niche Zero can grind beans in a matter of seconds depending on how much coffee you are using.

Precision Grind Control

The Niche Zero Grinder has a wide grind range that focuses on barista-quality control, which means that you’ll get freshly ground coffee that is consistent in size every time.

You can go as fine as espresso or Turkish coffee or as coarse as cold brew or french press and this grinder will deliver, resulting in a better-extracted cup of coffee.

Easy to Use

With the single switch operation, all you need to do is select the grind size, pour your beans into the funnel, close the lid and flick the switch in order to start grinding.

Another feature that makes the Niche Zero really easy to use is the dial which moves easily between grind sizes and has markings that help navigate those sizes depending on what you want to brew.

Quiet operation

The burrs in the Niche Zero can grind at under 72db, making it one of the quietest home grinders on the market. As mentioned previously, the quiet operation is a big plus for people living with others, or for those who simply don’t like the sound of noisy coffee grinders.

Premium wood detailing

This grinder comes with oak trims at the base and on the tray, elevating the minimalistic design.

Martin Nicholson, the creator of the Niche Zero, has over 30 years of industry and design experience in the home appliance market and wanted to create a grinder that was both functional and elegant.

Easy Maintenance

One of the big advantages of the Niche Zero Grinder is that it is easy to clean and maintain.

The grinder comes with a cleaning brush and a screwdriver that allows you to remove the burrs in order to clean them individually and make sure no coffee grounds remain inside. Niche also has a tutorial on this entire process.

Alternatives to the Niche Zero

Wondering what the competition is like for the Niche Zero? Below we list our picks for the best alternatives.

Kafatek Monolith Flat MAX

The Kafatek Monolith has a 6 point dial that can grind coffee ranging from espresso to french press. However, it is primarily designed for espresso users and the 98mm burrs favour lightly roasted coffee. Compared to the Niche Zero, this grinder works best on an espresso setting and has a dial with fewer grind settings.

Levercraft Ultra

The Levercraft Ultra is a single dose coffee grinder like the Niche. It has 98mm burrs and a 9 step adjustable grind setting. The Levercraft also has a quiet operation and delivers consistency thanks to the alignment system of the burrs. This grinder focuses on espresso extraction.

Option-O Lagom P64

The Lagom is a single dose grinder that features a large loading funnel and a portafilter fork for a hands-free grinding experience. Just like the Niche, it has a full grinding range with an adjustable 300-1400 RPM motor that can be set according to the user’s preference. However, the Lagom only has 3 burr settings depending on the roast and flavour profile of the beans you are using.

Eureka Oro Mignon

The Eureka Oro Mignon has a silent operation mechanism with no retention grind just like the Niche. It can hold up to 45 grams of coffee and has 65mm burrs. It has a blow-up system that makes cleaning easier. Of all the grinders mentioned, this one is the most similar to the Niche Zero.

Is the Niche Zero right for you?

Overall, the Niche Zero is more suited for home baristas/enthusiasts that are attracted to the single dosing design.

It is not suitable for heavy use or for those looking for a grinder that works well in a more commercial setting.

If you tend to grind more coffee than ~40grams at a time, this grinder might not be best for you.

The Niche Zero is also a premium product and comes with a price tag to match. If you are on a budget you might find it to be a bit of a stretch. But if you can afford the higher price tag, thanks to the flexibility and design, the Niche Zero is an excellent home coffee grinder.

Most grinders focus on either espresso or different extraction methods but the Niche works for all of them, delivering consistency on every grind size.

It is also very intuitive and easy to use compared to other grinders. Niche also removes the hassle of cleaning and has made the task fairly easy with their tutorial.


Where is the Niche Zero manufactured?

The Niche Zero is manufactured in China but Niche is a family-owned business based in Hampshire, UK.

Is the Niche Zero good for espresso?

Thanks to the full grind range, the Niche Zero works great with fine grind settings including espresso and Turkish coffee. The espresso range of the dial has enough settings so that you can choose depending on the final taste of the extraction that you want to achieve.

Images: Niche