Jura S8 vs E8 Automatic Coffee Machines

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Jura S8

A premium automatic coffee machine with a 4.3” touchscreen colour display.

Jura E8

More affordable and with intelligent preheating, smart mode and Jura cockpit.

Jura manufactures some of the most popular automatic coffee machines on the market, thanks to their reliability, ease of use, and great tasting coffee.

The S8 and E8 are two of their popular mid-range machines, both utilising 15 bars of pump pressure to deliver cafe-quality coffee at home.

There are, however, some key differences that set the two machines apart, such as the touch screen colour display found on the S8.

Trying to decide between the two? Read on as we break down the key things you should keep in mind when choosing between the Jura S8 and Jura E8 and answer some commonly asked questions.

Display Screen

The Jura S8 has a 4.3” touchscreen colour display that allows you to save, copy and personalize your coffee selections. The touchscreen display also allows you to adjust the coffee strength levels as well as the amount of milk and the brewing temperature.

Jura S8 touch screen

The Jura E8 model has a 2.8” colour display with six buttons. You have access to similar features and settings as with the S8, but the screen is notably smaller, and it uses physical buttons as opposed to the touchscreen.

Jura E8 screen

Thanks to the Jura S8’s larger display and touchscreen interface, the coffee selection and customisation process is easier.

Design and Materials

Both models have an amber and white cup illumination feature. They are also both made of high-quality durable plastic with modern touches that combine functionality and durability.

In terms of colour, the Jura E8 comes in moonlight silver, white and piano black. The Jura S8, on the other hand, only comes with a silver finish.

Size and Weight

The coffee machines are similar in weight, with the Jura E8 weighing 9.6kg and the S8 10kg. Despite this, the E8 is ever so slightly taller with a height of 35.1 cm versus the 34.8 cm of the S8.

The depth and width are fairly similar between the two Jura models.

If you have a specific spot for your automatic coffee machine, be sure to check these measurements and determine if it will fit properly.


Jura espresso machines use high-quality grinders which allow you to grind whole beans as gently as possible to ensure grind consistency.

Both Jura models produce high-quality, freshly ground coffee thanks to the Professional Aroma G3 Grinder featured on both machines.

This grinder makes sure there is a higher proportion of fine coffee bean particles to deliver excellent coffee every time.

Milk Frothing

Both of these coffee makers have great milk frothers that feature the HP3/ Cx3 milk system, allowing you to change the milk spout.

One key difference between these models is the automatic one-touch milk cleaning system found on the Jura E8.

Milk cleaning system on the Jura E8

This feature automatically cleans your milk wand every time you make a coffee, delivering a fresh taste of milk that won’t compromise the overall flavour of your coffee.

Heating System

The Jura S8 and Jura E8 both come with a thermoblock heating system that aids in heating hot water in a shorter amount of time.

This feature also guarantees that the water will be freshly heated every time you want a coffee instead of maintaining the same temperature whenever the machine is turned on.

Water Tank

Both models have a water tank capacity of 1.9 litres. This sized water reservoir can deliver between 20-33 coffees depending on the size of the espresso and the amount of milk that will be used in each drink.

Both models also come with intelligent water system technology, which can detect the condition of the filter inside the water reservoir.

Bean Hopper

These two coffee machines share the same hopper capacity of 280 grams of coffee beans.

Internal bean hopper on the Jura E8

This hopper size is ideal for people that drink one or two coffees a day and don’t want to refill the hopper for at least a week.

Programmed Coffees

The Jura E8 has a total of 17 specialty coffees programmed into its system.

The Jura S8, in contrast, only has 15 options which include one to heat water for green tea, something that the other model does not have.

Jura S8

The Jura E8 is much more comprehensive in its pre-programmed coffee drinks. It includes several options not found on the S8, such as caffe barista, lungo, lungo barista, cortado, latte macchiato with an extra shot, and flat white with an extra shot.

This is something important to consider if you really want to try all the coffee options that the Jura brand can pre-program and play around and customise your automatic coffee machine.

Customisable Saved Coffees

Only the S8 allows users to create and save their own personalised coffee recipes, however, both machines allow for 10 different options for programmable coffee strength as well as a programmable amount of milk and milk foam.

Only the S8 allows users to create and save their own personalised coffee recipes

Being able to save your own personalized drink will definitely save you a lot of time and it is a key feature to take into consideration.

The Jura E8 and the Jura S8 also both have a pulse extraction process that will guarantee the perfect espresso no matter the drink.


As mentioned previously, the E8 is the only model that has a one-touch automatic cleaning system for the milk steamer which is one of the model’s greatest advantages.

Of the two, it is also the only model that has removable parts that are dishwasher safe such as the drip tray.

On both models, however, you can find an integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling program.

JURA Operating Experience (J.O.E.)

Both machines are compatible with J.O.E. which is an app designed to get the most out of your super-automatic espresso machine.

J.O.E helps you control and customize all the settings from your Jura with just the touch of a finger no matter where you are.

Smart Mode and Jura Cockpit

Only the E8 comes with “Smart Mode”. If activated, this will arrange the selections on the start screen according to the frequency they have been selected over time.

The E8 is also the only one of these machines to feature the Jura Cockpit, which helps you remember when the next round of maintenance and deep cleaning is due.

One Touch Functionality

As mentioned previously, the Jura S8 has a one-touch functionality brewing technology that allows you to customise your drinks using the 4.3” touchscreen display.

Touch screen on Jura S8

This feature will also help you save, copy and personalise your espresso depending on your drink of preference.

Intelligent Preheating

The Jura E8 model has some advanced features such as intelligent preheating. This feature compensates for temperature fluctuations that can happen every time your machine takes a break during the coffee preparation.

Intelligent preheating will guarantee that you have optimum brewing temperature which will go hand in hand with the extraction time. No need to worry about lukewarm coffee.

Active Bean Monitoring

This feature is only available on the Jura S8. It is designed to let you know when your hopper is empty and needs to be refilled in order to brew an espresso.

This is a clear advantage if you don’t want to keep a close eye on how many coffee beans you have left.


The Jura E8 is priced with an RRP of $2,290 while the Jura S8 is priced at $2,890.

Despite both having great brewing technology, the S8 is quite a bit more expensive.

This comes as a slight surprise as the Jura S8 does lack some features that are present in the cheaper model. It is also the older of the two machines.

It is, however, the only of the two machines with a touch screen display. And it is also the only model that allows users to create and save their own personalised coffee recipes

Making Your Selection

Jura S8

A premium automatic coffee machine with a 4.3” touchscreen colour display.

Jura E8

More affordable and with intelligent preheating, smart mode and Jura cockpit.

Both Jura coffee machines are excellent options for easily making great tasting coffee at home. They share most of their core features, including the grinder and heating system.

While the Jura S8 is the only one with a touchscreen display, we believe that the Jura E8 is a better option for most people.

Not only is the E8 cheaper, but it also has some important features that the S8 does not, such as intelligent preheating, smart mode and Jura cockpit as well as the automatic one-touch cleaning system for the milk frother.

The Jura E8 has a total of 17 specialty coffees programmed into its system compared to the 15 on the Jura S8.

As mentioned, one possible factor that might tip you into getting the S8 model is the difference in display.

The Jura S8 has a bigger touch screen display that looks more modern and allows you to save and copy your drink preferences without any physical buttons.

Despite this, we still believe that the E8 model represents better value for the price and the features that are included.

Jura Coffee Machine FAQ

Is the Jura E8 discontinued?

No, the Jura E8 coffee machine is not discontinued and is currently available for order. Jura released the new E8 model in 2021, which is the 4th generation of E8 models.

When was the Jura E8 released?

The Jura E8 was first released in 2018. The white model of the Jura E8 was released in 2020 and the black model in 2021.

How long should a Jura coffee machine last?

A Jura coffee machine is expected to last approximately 10 years with proper care. Jura coffee machines also come with a 2-year guarantee.

Does Jura S8 come with Smart Connect?

Yes, Jura S8 comes with Smart Connect. Jura Smart Connect allows you to control your coffee machine directly from your smartphone via Bluetooth.

What drinks does the Jura S8 make?

The Jura S8 can make up to 15 specialty coffee drinks including milk-based coffee drinks like cappuccino, latte, macchiato and flat white amongst others. The S8 also has a hot water function for brewing tea.