DeLonghi Nespresso Essenza Mini Solo EN85 Review


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The Essenza Mini Solo is the perfect addition to any kitchen as it has a small footprint and makes it as simple as possible to enjoy great coffee. It doesn’t have any unnecessary features and produces high-quality espresso with crema. This is one of the smallest pod machines available, it offers excellent value for money and is ideal for anyone on a budget.


RRP: $149.00

RRP: $229.00 (with Aeroccino3 Milk Frother)

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Key Specifications:

Input Power1150W
Pump Pressure19 Bar
Water Tank Size0.6L
Coffee FunctionsEspresso, Lungo
Milk FrotherNo
Warranty2 Years

Product Overview

The Nespresso Essenza Mini Solo is the smallest of the Nespresso pod machines. It takes up hardly any space on the kitchen counter, is lightweight and looks smart. Despite being small in size, the Essenza Mini Solo offers speed and convenience with excellent results. 

This is an inexpensive pod machine that boasts 19 bar pressure to extract the coffee. This is the same pressure power as higher cost, premium machines. Its water capacity is 0.6L so may not be the best option if you frequently make coffees for groups of people. 

This coffee machine has 2 drink size options which are pre-set to espresso and lungo but can be customised to suit your preferences. To save energy the machine automatically goes into Eco mode after 3 minutes and will turn itself off after 9 minutes of inactivity. 

Used capsules automatically fall into the container which can hold up to 6 capsules. If you enjoy milky coffees it is best to get this in a bundle with the Aeroccino3 so you can enjoy warm, frothed milk in your lattes and cappuccinos.

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Summary Analysis

The DeLonghi Nespresso Essenza Mini Solo is a small, fast and easy to use machine. This is a great choice for people who like to have espressos and coffees without milk, although you can get the Aeroccinno 3 milk frother in a bundle pack if you enjoy milky coffees. 

This machine takes just seconds to heat up. You can have your espresso in less than a minute so there is no waiting around. There are 2 coffee sizes pre-set and you can customise this with ease. 

The Essenza Mini Solo looks great, is unobtrusive, and requires hardly any cleaning. It does make some noise when it is brewing so don’t expect it to be silent. The coffee tastes great and does have a small layer of crema on the top too. 

The construction is plastic but it looks nice and feels sturdy. The space between the drip tray and the coffee spout is quite small so you may have to remove the drip tray to make enough space for your cup.


  • Compact size
  • Offers 2 customisable drink sizes 
  • Quick and easy to use 
  • Coffee is high quality with a layer of crema on top


  • Limited user settings
  • Small used capsule container

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Review Analysis

Design and Construction (5/10)

The compact design and slim footprint mean this pod machine can fit in almost any kitchen space. It looks sleek and is available in red, green or black so can add a pop of colour too. The plastic body looks good and manages not to feel flimsy. It doesn’t feel premium but this is one of the least expensive Nespresso machines available so this is to be expected. 

The water tank sits at the back of the machine which keeps it out of the way but can also make it a bit inconvenient when it comes to checking the water level and refilling.

Taste & Temperature (6/10)

Despite being small in size, this machine produces rich, tasty coffees that are topped with crema. The Essenza Mini Solo is compatible with the Nespresso Original capsules meaning there is plenty of choice in flavour and blends. 

The machine brews to 83-86 degrees C and the coffees tend to be served at around 71 degrees C. This makes them hot enough for drinking. The water temperature cannot be adjusted which may be a downside to this machine if you prefer hotter coffee.

Ease of Use (6/10)

It takes next to no effort to use this machine. It has just two control buttons, one for espresso and one for lungo. It’s as simple as filling the water container, putting in a capsule and pressing the coffee size you want. If you aren’t happy with the preset volumes you can adjust this to suit your preferences. Some users might prefer more control over their brew but this machine is perfect for speed and simplicity. 

This machine will automatically go into Eco Mode and will shut down after a certain amount of time so it doesn’t matter if you forget to switch it off in your morning rush. Downsides include needing to remove the drip tray to fit a lungo cup under the spout and frequently needing to empty the small empty capsule container.

Milk Frothing (6/10)

If you enjoy lattes, cappuccinos, and other milky coffees then you will probably want to get the bundle pack that includes the Aeroccino3. This warms and froths milk in a separate container. The Aeroccino does not take up a lot of space, is fast, and is very quiet. It is able to warm and froth milk or froth cold milk depending on the drink you are making. 

Cleaning & Maintenance (6/10)

This pod coffee machine is very easy to clean. It has a removable used capsule container, drip tray and water tank so you can easily give these a rinse and a wipe when needed. The body of the machine can be wiped with a damp cloth to keep it looking new. There is a descaling mode that can be accessed by pressing both brew buttons down.

Nespresso has a recycling program and provides users with a prepaid bag for the used capsules to be collected and sent back to them. This helps ensure using the pod coffee machine isn’t damaging to the environment.

Other Products to Consider

Breville Creatista Uno

The Creatista Uno is a premium Nespresso machine that allows you to make flat whites, lattes and cappuccinos with perfectly frothed milk. It is ready to use in just 3 seconds and is a versatile choice that makes great coffee exactly how you like it without the fuss of a manual machine.

DeLonghi Nespresso Vertuo Plus

This machine is ideal for people who use pod machines and are looking to upgrade. The Vertuo Plus is quick, convenient, and very quiet. It automatically adjusts to deliver the best results for the capsule you are using and the coffee is consistently smooth, rich, and has a layer of crema on top too.