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The Nespresso Inissia is a compact and efficient entry-level capsule machine. It is ideal for coffee lovers who are looking for convenience and quality in a small package. The Inissia can make delicious cups of coffee in less than a minute and the addition of the Aeroccino3 means you can enjoy milky coffees with minimal mess and effort.


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Key Specifications:

Input Power1260W
Pump Pressure19 Bar
Water Tank Size0.7L
Coffee FunctionsEspresso, Lungo
Milk FrotherAeroccino3 milk frother included
Warranty2 Years

Product Overview

The Inissia is a compact but powerful pod coffee machine that boasts the same high-pressure pump as premium Nespresso machines (19 bars). With a 25 second heat up time, there is no waiting around for your first coffee of the day. This machine is incredibly user-friendly, it has just 2 control buttons so anyone can use it to make a great cup of coffee in no time at all.

The compact design of the Inissia makes it ideal for smaller kitchens. Its used capsule container can hold up to 11 capsules and the water tank is a generous 700ml so none of the space is wasted on this pod machine. 

Although there is no built-in milk frother, this pod machine comes with a separate Aeroccino3 milk frother. The Aeroccino3 is perfect for hands-free milk frothing. It is compact, powerful and quick to use. 

To save energy, the Inissia automatically turns off after 9 minutes and the Aeroccino3 switches itself off after use too.

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Summary Analysis

The Nespresso Inissia is compact with a small footprint so it takes up very little counter space. It doesn’t have a lot of features, instead, it focuses on doing a few things very well. 

This machine makes it quick and easy to make rich, flavourful coffee from your Nespresso pods. The separate Aeroccino is ideal for frothing milk for lattes and cappuccinos but it doesn’t offer much control over froth level or temperature.  

The Inissia has just 2 control buttons (espresso and lungo) and it is fairly noisy when brewing. Fortunately, the machine is efficient so the loud humming noise lasts less than a minute. 

This is one of the more affordable Nespresso models. It looks smart but is made of plastic so it doesn’t have a premium feel to it. The Aeroccino is separate and comes with the base, jug, lid and 2 whisks. The milk frother is also compact in size and looks good next to the Inissia.


  • Small footprint 
  • User-friendly 
  • Efficient 
  • Adjustable cup size


  • Noisy when in use 
  • Limited control over settings

Nespresso Inissia Review Analysis

Design and Construction (6/10)

The Inissia is designed very well. It is sleek and perfectly hits the balance between size, ease of use and coffee quality. The small footprint means it is great for kitchens where space is limited although the water tank can be awkward to access as it is hidden away at the back of the machine.

One of the things that might be frustrating is the limited clearance between the coffee spout and the drip tray. With only 3.5” clearance you will need to remove the drip tray to be able to fit a larger cup underneath.

Also, keep in mind that this machine has a plastic construction, so may look out of place next to other stainless steel kitchen appliances.

Taste & Temperature (7/10)

Although this pod machine doesn’t come with a lot of settings or options, it does make great espresso based drinks. The 19 bar pressure helps to extract flavour and aroma and produce crema on top of the shot. The coffee is smooth, rich and high quality. Add some warm frothed milk from the Aeroccino and you can create a range of drinks to your liking.

The coffee is served at a good drinking temperature but both the temperature of the coffee or the frothed milk is pre-set and cannot be adjusted. 

Ease of Use (7/10)

One of the key benefits of the Inissia is its ease of use. Making delicious coffee is straightforward and the machine can be used by anyone, even if you have never used a capsule machine before.

Everything is quick and easy, there are 2 control buttons and the machine will automatically turn itself off after a period of inactivity. You will have to fill the water container up more often than with other models but it holds enough water for several coffees. 

While the settings are limited, you can customise the coffee volume by holding down the button until you are happy with the amount of coffee. This amount then becomes the remembered setting for future drinks. 

Milk Frothing (7/10)

The Aeroccino3 is automatic and easy to use. It is compact, looks smart and can make hot or cold frothy milk. This is a simple milk frother that offers one-touch operation. It takes 1-2 minutes to froth the milk and the machine will automatically switch off when the milk is ready. The milk frother is easy to clean too, just give the jug and whisk a rinse with soapy water. 

Cleaning & Maintenance (7/10)

The Inissia requires minimal cleaning and maintenance. The used capsule bin will need to be emptied periodically, the drip tray will need to be cleaned when needed and the milk frother jug will need to be hand-washed. Aside from this (which all in all will only take a minute or two) the machine doesn’t need any extra attention. 

The Delonghi Inissia does have a built-in descaling process that takes around 15 minutes. The only frustrating thing about this is there is limited space under the spout so it’s difficult to find a container that fits underneath to catch all of the liquid. This means checking on the machine throughout the process to ensure the cup doesn’t overflow.

Other Products to Consider

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DeLonghi Nespresso Vertuo Plus

This machine is ideal for people who use pod machines and are looking to upgrade. The Vertuo Plus is quick, convenient, and very quiet. It automatically adjusts to deliver the best results for the capsule you are using and the coffee is consistently smooth, rich, and has a layer of crema on top too.


Review Summary


The Nespresso Inissia is a compact and efficient entry-level capsule machine. It is ideal for coffee lovers who are looking for convenience and quality in a small package. The Inissia can make delicious cups of coffee in less than a minute and the addition of the Aeroccino3 means you can enjoy milky coffees with minimal mess and effort.

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