Delonghi Magnifica Vs Magnifica S Vs Magnifica S Smart Coffee Machines

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2021 Updates:

DeLonghi Magnifica Discontinued

The DeLonghi Magnifica has been discontinued and replaced by the DeLonghi Magnifica S (view at The Good Guys).

The new Delonghi Magnifica S is more compact in its design but features the same sized water tank as the original Magnifica and a larger coffee bean storage capacity.

The Magnifica S provides users with a larger range of volume options, allowing for greater customisation and control. It is also more user-friendly, with improved controls and helpful indicator lights.

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NEW: DeLonghi Magnifica S Smart / Plus (ECAM25033)

DeLonghi have also introduced a new machine in their Magnifica line-up: the Magnifica S Smart.

Aside from a design refresh, the main difference between the Magnifica S and the Magnifica S Smart is that the new machine features DeLonghi’s Advanced Cappuccino System that lets users customise the temperature of the milk froth.

Delonghi Magnifica S Smart

Delonghi offers a high-quality range of fully automatic coffee machines that are ideal for making cafe-quality coffee in the comfort of your own home. An automatic machine takes all of the guesswork out of making your favourite coffees and allows you to get out the door and on with your day.

The Magnifica and Magnifica S are a perfect combination of quality, simplicity and automation. Deciding between the two models can be a difficult decision as they are both popular entry-level machines that don’t have many differing features at first glance.

In this article, we are directly comparing the Magnifica and Magnifica S so you can decide which is best suited to your daily coffee routine.

Key Similarities 

Conical Steel Grinder 

Both the Magnifica and Magnifica S use a conical steel grinder. Each grinder offers 13 grind settings with clear marks from 1-7 with adjustment points in between. The grinder is close to silent and is the same on both machines. 

Ability To Brew Pre Ground Coffee 

If you like to try different types of coffees or you often make decaf coffee drinks using pre-ground coffee, the bypass doser feature is ideal. It means you can scoop pre-ground coffee straight into the top of the machine and both models offer this capability. The bypass doser is user-friendly, easily accessible and comes with a scoop for added convenience. 

Temperature Control 

To heat the water to the right temperature both systems use the Delonghi Thermoblock. This gets the temperature for making coffee just right. To make each cup of coffee quickly and to the right temperature, both of the machines only heat the water that is being used for the drink.

1.8L Water Tank 

The Magnifica and Magnifica S both have front-loading water tanks. These water containers can easily be pulled out from the machines to be topped up. This is very convenient as many models have the water container at the back or side of the coffee machine making it awkward to pull the container out to refill it. The water tanks can each hold 1.8L of water and they both have a water filter too. The size and position of the water tank make both of these coffee machines hassle-free to use. 

2 Cups at a Time

If you’re making coffee for two people, you can make two espressos at the same time. You can also adjust the height of the spouts to suit the size of the cup or mug you are using. 

Milk Steamer 

If you love making lattes and cappuccinos you’ll be pleased to hear both of the Delonghi Magnifica and Magnifica S coffee machines come with a manual steam wand. This lets you froth up the milk of your choice to the texture you want it.

Catch Trays For Easy Cleaning

Each of these coffee machines has a front-removable drip tray and coffee ground tray. An indicator light comes on when the drip tray needs emptying and it’s quick and easy to pull the tray out, clean it and slot it back into place. The grids on the drip trays can also be placed in the dishwasher for easier maintenance.

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Key Differences 


Although both models look similar, the Delonghi Magnifica S is lighter, slimmer and more compact. It is ideal for smaller spaces and will sit nicely in a kitchen that has limited counter space. The Magnifica is wider and slightly taller with dimensions of 28cm x 40.5cm x 36cm compared to the Magnifica S with dimensions of 23.8cm x 43cm x 35.1cm. 


Although the Magnifica S is smaller in size it can actually hold more coffee beans. The coffee bean container can hold 250 grams while the container on the Magnifica holds up to 200 grams. Don’t worry about storing lots of coffee beans at once either, the containers are airtight to ensure coffee beans are kept fresh and provide the best taste and aroma. 

Dispensing Volume 

The Magnifica S also offers a larger range of dispensing volume options. You can choose to dispense between 85 – 140ml compared to the Magnifica that can dispense between 90-120ml. This gives you more control over your coffee and lets you create drinks exactly as you want them. 


If you look at the two Delonghi coffee machines side by side you will see the front panels look slightly different. The Magnifica S is more user-friendly, the control panels are better positioned and each control is labelled more clearly to prevent confusion. It also has indicator images that let you know when it is time to put on the decalcify program, add water to the container or empty the coffee grounds container.

The Magnifica is slightly boxy in shape and uses labelled indicator lights to alert you to cleaning and refill requirements which are not as clear, obvious or eye-catching. 

Making Your Selection

There are a large number of similarities between the Delonghi Magnifica and the Delonghi Magnifica S. They are both great coffee machines that offer all the key components needed to make great coffee at home.

In both models the beans are ground with a conical steel grinder, you can make 2 espressos at once, the pouring spouts can be adjusted to suit different cup sizes and you can manually froth milk for lattes, flat whites, and cappuccinos. These factors all contribute towards making both models excellent, high-quality options that have a lot to offer. 

For us, the Delonghi Magnifica S is the better of the two coffee machines. It is a more compact machine that is user-friendly and offers improved controls as well as increased coffee bean storage and a larger dispense volume range. One of the best things about the Magnifica S is how easy it is to use with its easy to understand controls and indicator lights.