Breville Duo Temp Pro Review (BES810)

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Breville has become one of the go-to brands for coffee lovers wanting to make espresso at home. The company offers many machines across a wide range of prices; each espresso machine has its target markets and unique selling points.

For this review, we take a closer look at one of Breville’s more affordable machines, the Duo Temp Pro (BES810BSS). Our aim is to determine what users are getting for their money and if the Duo Temp Pro is worth choosing over some of the other popular home espresso machines, including those from other manufacturers, who have released strong competition to the Breville range.

Who is the Breville Duo Temp Pro for?

The Breville Duo Temp Pro is a semi-automatic coffee machine, which means that the user still has to grind, tamp and brew their coffee. It sits alongside the Breville Bambino as the second most affordable espresso maker offered in the company’s catalogue.

Generally speaking, the more you are willing to spend on an espresso maker, the higher the quality and more features the machine will offer to improve the user experience.

The Duo Temp Pro’s position on the market is an entry-level coffee machine; however, Breville still offers their customers some premium-level features that help with the espresso brewing process.

The Duo Temp Pro is perfect for those wanting to great coffee at home without spending $500+ on a machine. It features technology like pre-infusion that helps create consistently high-quality espresso.

This machine is less suitable for those looking to dive deep into the world of espresso, as it is missing features such as shot volume control, programmable shot temperature, and a shot clock.

Another popular feature, that is not available on the Duo Temp Pro, is a pressure gauge. The pressure gauge helps users to tell when their espresso maker has reached optimum pressure for espresso extraction. Without a pressure gauge for guidance, for those using the Breville Duo Temp Pro, it is recommended to allow enough time for the machine to heat up before preparing your coffee to ensure high-quality results.

Another key consideration with the Duo Temp Pro is the need to pair it with a high quality espresso grinder for best results. It does, however, come with pressurised baskets which will assist with achieving results with pre-ground beans.

One of Breville’s most popular machines, the Barista Express, is seen by many as the ideal entry-level coffee machine because of the additional, in-built espresso grinder.  While this feature may appeal to users looking to save kitchen counter space or avoid the hassle of choosing a separate espresso-style grinder, the quality difference in espresso extraction between the Duo Temp Pro and Barista Express isn’t very far apart.

What comes in the box?

Just like with all of Breville’s espresso machines, you will find everything you need to get started making great coffee (apart from the beans, of course).

The stainless steel machine is accompanied by multiple interchangeable filter baskets for the portafilter to help match all levels of experience and coffee styles. Also included are a milk pitcher, trimming tool, coffee tamp and all the cleaning gear you would need to keep the machine working as it should for quite some time. 

A lot of the accessories included will fit nicely into the Duo Temp Pro’s well-designed drip tray, which acts as a draw as well as somewhere for excess water to fall.

Features and Benefits of the Duo Temp Pro

Easy to use

Like all semi-automatic espresso machines, a learning curve is involved in producing a high standard of espresso-based drinks.

This machine has stripped back a lot of the features found on other espresso machine models, which should help to simplify the espresso brewing process.

Once you are a little more comfortable using this espresso machine style, you will very quickly notice the difference in quality.

Commercial-grade features


The addition of pre-infusion on the Duo Temp Pro helps to make the machine even better suited to someone looking to take the first step into the world of espresso brewing.

Pre-infusion releases low-pressure water before the pump fully kicks in, which helps to correct any possible faults with the coffee bed before applying full pressure. 

This is another feature that can assist those with less experience brew great espresso without too much hassle. 

Digital PID temperature control

PID temperature control helps to achieve accurate water temperatures in an espresso machine. 

This feature has helped Breville deliver high-quality results in all of their machines by designing their machinery to work at optimum temperatures for espresso extraction and milk steaming, even when it only has one boiler tank.

Automatic water purge

The automatic water purge is a neat bit of engineering from Breville that serves two purposes. 

The first is that it can replace hot water with cooler water, allowing the machine to reach a lower temperature quicker, which is useful if you want to brew another espresso soon after steaming milk. 

Secondly, it helps to get rid of any trapped milk in the steam wand, which will help lower the amount of maintenance needed.

Thermocoil heating system

Thermocoil heating systems are a modern and more efficient way of heating water in an espresso machine.

While a thermoblock can be cheaper, a thermocoil heating system is less likely to leak and achieve a much more consistent temperature, which helps with consistent coffee flavour extraction. 

Steam wand

Housing a high power 1600w element, the Duo Temp Pro has all the muscle needed to produce the perfect pressure for milk steaming. The machine’s steam wand shape is very similar to the ones found on a modern commercial-grade espresso machine.

With a bit of practice to refine your steaming technique, this steam wand is more than capable of producing cafe level milk to pour perfect latte art.

What do users say about the Duo Temp Pro?


Most users are very happy with their purchase of the Breville Duo Temp Pro.

The accessories that arrive in the box help to customise the machine to your personal needs, and the machine’s capabilities are great as an entry-level espresso machine to introduce coffee lovers to producing high-quality espresso coffee in the comfort of their own homes.

This machine is often seen as an upgrade to other manufacturers machines, like the Delonghi Dedica Deluxe, which sits at a similar price point.


Once in a while, there will be some mechanical issues after varying amounts of use and time, like with all machinery.

There are also many plastic parts to this espresso machine, which can give off a slightly cheap feel to the product itself and potentially explain some users’ mechanical issues. 

The water reservoir on the machine is also relatively small, limiting the amount of coffee you can make before filling the tank up. Some users say that there is only enough space in the water tank for three coffees with steamed milk, which could be inconvenient depending on your needs.

Is the Breville Duo Temp Pro right for you?


The Breville Dup Temp Pro is an excellent introduction to the world of home espresso. The features of this machine allow users to brew great coffee with minimal fuss.

The learning curve that comes along with this machine is enjoyable and will serve the user well for years if they spend time mastering this coffee style.


The lack of an espresso grinder means that additional equipment is needed to deliver very high-quality results with this machine. Without programmable volumetric controls, consistency from shot to shot can be more challenging than on other espresso machines.

With the machine’s design (single boiler), users cannot produce steam to froth milk straight after espresso has stopped pouring. This could be frustrating if wanting coffee very quickly or if you want to make multiple drinks in one sitting. 


Breville Compact Cafe

The Compact Cafe is the lowest price machine offered by Breville. This espresso machine provides the stripped back basics for espresso brewing. Like the Duo Temp Plus, the Compact Cafe is an entry-level machine but doesn’t offer the same design quality as its sister espresso machines.

Sunbeam Mini Barista

The Sunbeam Mini Barista is available for a similar price to the Breville Compact Cafe. However, this machine is better designed than Breville’s budget offering, with its two pre-programmed volumetric espresso settings and a well-shaped steam wand.

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Breville The Bambino

The Breville Bambino comes at a similar price point to the Duo Temp Pro. It is slightly more compact and features a smaller water tank (1.4L vs 1.8L).

It also lacks the auto-purge feature but makes up for it with Breville’s rapid heat up technology (ThermoJet), meaning you don’t need to wait long at all before brewing your first espresso.

Breville Bambino vs Duo-Temp Pro vs Compact Café

Use the table below to compare the specs of the Duo Temp Pro with the espresso machines either side of it in Breville’s lineup.

the Bambinothe Duo-Temp Prothe Compact Café
Link to Instruction bookBES450BES810BES250
Check PriceAmazon, eBay, The Good GuysAmazonThe Good Guys
Heating SystemThermojetThermocoilThermoblock
Power1300 -1600 Watts1700 Watts1700 Watts
Dimensions20 x 32 x 31 cm (WxDxH)25.7 x 31.2 x 33.4 cm (WxDxH)29 x 23.1 x 32.7 cm (WxDxH)
MaterialStainless SteelBrushed Stainless SteelStainless Steel
Pump Pressure15 Bar15 Bar15 Bar
Pre InfusionYesYesNo
Auto Purge FunctionNoYesYes
PID Temperature ControlYesYesNo
Water Tank Size1.4L1.8L2.75L
Rapid Heat UpYesNoNo
Auto OffYesYesNo
Shot Volume ControlYesNoYes
Instant Hot WaterYesNoNo
Saved Coffee Settings2NoneNone
Dual Wall Filter BasketsYesYesYes
Portafilter Size54mm54mm50mm
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year

Breville Duo Temp Pro vs Infuser

While these stainless steel semi-automatic espresso machines look almost identical at first glance, the Breville Infuser (BES840) is a much more advanced espresso maker and costs more than double the price of the Duo Temp Pro (BES810). Here are the main differences:

  • The most significant difference between the two machines is the number of premium features. The Infuser comes installed with many of the upgrade features Breville offers on its semi-automatic espresso machines, whereas the Duo Temp Pro is a more straightforward piece of equipment.
  • The Duo Temp Pro offers an easy and streamlined solution for making high-quality espresso at home, whereas the Infuser provides multiple options for programmable volumetric controls.  
  • The Infuser will also let the user know when the machine needs cleaning, which is a valuable feature for those coffee lovers who find life has taken over and can easily miss some small details in terms of upkeep and maintenance.

Getting Started with the Duo Temp Pro


The Breville Duo Temp Plus espresso machine has a bit of a learning curve for beginners new to espresso. 

Before turning the machine on, fill up the water tank, then turn on the machine around 10 minutes before making your first espresso to allow for full pressure. The hot water light found on the front will light up once the tank reaches the right temperature.

Before you brew any coffee, select which dual-wall coffee basket will best suit your brewing needs. The user has the option of four different coffee baskets; two sizes of pressurised and two sizes of non-pressurised.

Non-pressurised baskets are best paired with a good quality espresso coffee grinder, where you can adjust the grind size to create resistance for the water flowing through the coffee to extract all desirable flavours from the beans you’re using.

Pressurised coffee baskets are great for those who are looking to use pre-ground coffee. The basket will do all the work to build up the correct pressure for espresso brewing, which will compensate for pre-ground coffee or coffee that was ground with a lower quality grinder.

Choosing which size coffee basket to use will then come down to how much coffee you want to use for your espresso shot. The smaller coffee baskets will suit a single small cup of coffee, and the larger is for a double espresso shot.

Once you have put your ground coffee into the basket (I would recommend around 7 grams for the smaller baskets and 14 grams + for the larger), evenly tamp down on your coffee bed before inserting the portafilter into the group head. 


Once you have firmly secured the portafilter into the group-head, turn the front circular switch to the left to put the machine into espresso mode; this will start the extraction process.

From there, it is now up to the user how long they leave the valve open. The longer it is left open, the more coffee is extracted.

As a general rule of thumb, aim to keep the espresso flowing for 25-30 seconds. Ideally, you are looking for a 1:2 ratio (14 grams of ground coffee = 28 grams of brewed coffee) in the set timeframe for a good balance in flavour. This can be measured with small espresso scales or volumetric measuring glass.

Milk Steaming

You may have to wait for a minute before the machine is ready to produce full, consistent pressure through its steam wand, but when it is ready, the Breville Duo Temp Pro can achieve excellent results when milk frothing.

Once you have added the desired amount of cold milk to your jug, lower the tip of the milk frother into the jug, just breaking the liquid’s surface and turn the front switch to the right to start the steam.  

From cappuccino to flat white style micro-foam, this machine has the capability to match your favourite cafe drinks.


The Breville Duo Temp Pro (BES810BSS) does lack some of the more desirable features found in other espresso machines that help customise the brewing process when making a cup of coffee. Still, the value for money you get with the Duo Temp Pro makes it an excellent option when shopping in this price range.

The Dup Temp Pro has all the capability to produce cafe level coffee; it just comes down to how much the user is willing to learn to master their technique to bring the most out of their beans.

Review Summary

Duo Temp Pro

The value for money you get with the Duo Temp Pro makes it an excellent option when shopping in this price range. It has all the capability to produce cafe level coffee; it just comes down to how much the user is willing to learn to master their technique to bring the most out of their beans.

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