The Best Turkish Coffee Makers in Australia

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When choosing a Turkish coffee pot (cezve or ibrik), the key considerations to keep in mind are the body and handle material and the total capacity of the pot.

Turkish coffee makers are traditionally made out of copper but nowadays you can find them in a variety of different materials, each with its own pros and cons.

Looking to purchase a Turkish Coffee pot to use at home?

Below we list our top recommended Turkish Coffee makers and highlight their key features, pros, and cons, so you can decide which one will work best for you.

Best Stovetop Turkish Coffee Pot: Demmex 2mm 9oz Copper Cezve Coffee Pot

Our pick for the best Turkish coffee pot is the Demmex 2mm 9oz Copper Cezve. This popular coffee pot is embellished with handmade engravings on the outside, comes with a wooden spoon and has a capacity of 9 oz (three cups of coffee).

The body is made out of 2mm thick copper which will develop a platinum coat over time. This coffee pot is coated with food-safe lead-free tin on the inside.

The engraved copper makes it one of the more aesthetic coffee pots on our list and the 9oz (255ml) capacity allows you to make about 3 cups of coffee at once.

Best Turkish Coffee Machine: Beko Electric Turkish Coffee Maker

This innovative Turkish coffee maker resembles a regular drip coffee machine. It can prepare 3 cups of Turkish coffee with a single push of a button, with the recommended cup size being 65 millilitres.

The Beko Turkish Coffee Maker comes with a pot and a scoop to measure coffee and has two handy functions: keep warm and auto shut off.

Made in Turkey, the Beko Coffee Maker can make Turkish, Greek and Lebanese coffee. It is very user friendly and doesn’t require you to keep an eye on it while brewing as it has a smart overflow prevention system and an alert that lets you know when your coffee is ready.

Baccarat Barista Brillante Turkish Pot

The Baccarat Barista Turkish Pot has a capacity of 650ml (one of the largest on our list) and is made out of stainless steel. It is heat resistant, making it perfect for the slow brewing style of Turkish Coffee.

The pot comes with a long handle and a spout which allows for even pouring into coffee cups.

The Baccarat Barista can also be used for heating tea, milk and sauces. It is suitable for most stovetops and it is quite versatile for the price.

Demmex 7oz Turkish / Greek Cezve Coffee Pot

The Demmex Coffee Pot is made out of hammered copper and it is suitable for 2 to 3 cups at a time. It has a food-safe tin lining and a wooden handle that has been individually stained.

The Demmex is made by experienced artisans in Turkey, making it one of the most traditional options on this list. It also includes a small wooden stirrer.

It is not too big, making it very easy to store in your kitchen cupboards or pantry.

Sokany Electric Turkish Coffee Maker

The Sokany Electric Turkish Coffee Maker has a capacity of 600ml. It is made out of stainless steel and comes with a detachable base and an On/Off switch design. It’s easy to use and easy to carry and store.

The long handle allows for more control as you pour your coffee. The Sokany coffee maker also works for brewing tea, milk and other types of coffee. It’s one of the cheaper options on our list so is a good choice if you’re on a budget.

Avanti 700ml Stainless Steel Turkish Coffee Pot

The Avanti Turkish Coffee Pot is the largest on our list with a capacity of 700ml. Made from high-quality stainless steel, it is perfect for brewing coffee for a lot of people.

The long handle and the spout allow you to have an even and constant flow when pouring coffee even if your coffee pot is full. It is also a versatile option as you can also heat milk in it.

Enamelware Turkish Coffee Pot

This Enamelware Turkish coffee pot is made in Romania and comes with the colour choice of blue, red or white. Buyers also have the option of 125ml or 250ml capacity, with the smaller size being suitable for up to 2 cups of coffee, and 4 cups for the larger size.

Due to the enamel material, it is not dishwasher safe so handwashing is encouraged. Also, since it is handmade, some surface irregularities or unfinished edges might be present.

This smaller coffee pot would work great for a household of two people or for those that do not tend to make many cups of coffee at a time.

Cilio Electric Turkish Coffee Maker

The Cilio is an electric coffee machine made out of stainless steel. It can be used for making Turkish coffee, heating up milk or brewing tea and has a capacity of 4 cups.

The Cilio comes with a wireless base and an automatic switch-on function that lights up when the coffee maker is heating or in use. The long handle design allows for a convenient grip.

One thing to note is that this coffee maker is in the higher price range so isn’t a budget-friendly option.

How to Make Perfect Turkish Coffee

Step 1: Measure and pour your water

Pour water into the coffee cup of your preference, this will be the total amount of water you will be using for your Turkish coffee. Once you have your water measured, pour it directly into the cezve.

Step 2: Add ground coffee

For ground coffee, the recommended coffee to water ratio is 2 teaspoons: 1 cup. This means that you will add 2 teaspoons of finely ground coffee for every cup of water. Once you have added your coffee into the water, mix thoroughly along with your desired amount of sugar (optional).

Step 3: Heat and remove foam

Place the Turkish coffee pot directly on the stove on low heat and continue to stir. Once the coffee starts to boil and the foam begins to rise, remove the pot from the heat. Spoon the foam on top into your cups.

Step 4: Heat and serve

Place the Turkish coffee pot back over medium heat until the coffee starts to rise again. Remove when boiling and pour the coffee into cups for serving.

Turkish Coffee Maker FAQ

What is a Turkish coffee maker called?

Turkis coffee makers are also known as cezve or ibrik. They feature the characteristic brass or copper kettle as well as a long handle, which is what Turkish coffee makers are known for.

What makes Turkish coffee different?

One of the main characteristics that differentiates Turkish coffee is that the coffee beans are very finely ground (even finer than espresso coffee beans). Another feature is the small volume of water inside the cezve: the coffee is thick and syrup-like with just the right amount of water to incorporate the coffee. Turkish coffee is also known for its sweetness since sugar is added right before serving it.

Can you make Turkish coffee without a cezve?

Yes, you can make Turkish coffee without a cezve, however, it might not have the same consistency as the traditional method. If you want to make Turkish coffee without a cezve you need coffee beans, water and a pot. Grind the coffee on a very fine setting before adding a small amount of water. You can use a cooking pot to bring the mixture to a boil. Once the foam has started to rise all you need to do is add sugar and serve your coffee.

Is it hard to make Turkish coffee?

No, making Turkish coffee is very easy. You only need coffee that has been ground to a very fine setting, a copper coffee pot, water and sugar in order to start the brewing process. Turkish coffee is easy to make because, compared to other brewing methods, coffee scales or a gooseneck kettle is not required. If you do not have a coffee grinder at home, you can ask your local coffee shop to grind the coffee for you.

Is Turkish coffee stronger than espresso?

Yes, Turkish coffee is stronger than espresso. A cup of Turkish coffee has a higher caffeine content and features a stronger aroma and taste. Turkish coffee usually has sugar added to the beverage for this reason.
Why is it stronger? When mixing extremely fine coffee grounds with water, you are basically generating a syrup which is the coffee that you drink, compared to an espresso where water is being pushed through the coffee, leaving zero particles in your cup.

Can I add milk to Turkish coffee?

You may add milk to Turkish coffee but it is not recommended for two reasons. Number one is that traditional Turkish coffee is made with just water and sugar. The second reason is that, due to the brewing process, if you add milk to your cezve it will most likely burn and stain the copper pot.
If you wish to add milk, we suggest pouring the coffee into a cup and then adding milk directly into the drink.

Why are Turkish coffee pots copper?

Solid copper is considered to be one of the best heat conductors available. Since copper pots are used to make coffee, they require only a small amount of heat in order to have the best results, making them great for slow brewing. Copper Turkish coffee pots are tin lined which means that they have a protective film inside so that your coffee doesn’t taste like metal.