The Best Syphon / Vacuum Coffee Makers

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Coffee enthusiasts unite! Our obsession with coffee has led us to try countless brew methods and recipes over the years, including the syphon method.

Not only do these machines produce some of the best cups of coffee you can make at home, but they’re also pretty cool to watch as they brew and you can show off your mad scientist skills to family and friends.

If all this sounds like something you want to get your hands on (we know it does), then start with this comprehensive list of the very best syphon and vacuum coffee makers currently on the market — hand-selected by us.

Hario Technica Coffee Syphon

Hario Technica Coffee Syphon

The Hario Technica Coffee Syphon is our top pick for most people and is available in 2, 3 and 5 cup models.

The body of the syphon is made from heat resistant glass and features a smooth stainless steel and plastic handle.

It has a tightly woven mesh filter that fits snugly at the bottom of the top glass container. The filter is removable so can be easily rinsed to remove any build-up of coffee oils or calcium deposits from inside the filter.

The burner is also included, which uses alcohol as a heat source.

The coffee siphon comes with a step by step instruction booklet which gives you some great tips on how to brew coffee using a coffee syphon, including how to clean it.

Overall this coffee syphon makes a fantastic coffee and will add a touch of class to your kitchen.

Hario 5 Cup “NEXT” Syphon

The Hario 5 Cup “Next” Syphon makes up to five cups of coffee so is perfect for larger groups. The lower bulb can hold 600ml of water, and there are marks on the side to measure water accurately.

Similar to the Hario Technica (above), the included burner takes alcohol and needs to be lit manually. You can, however, adjust the height of the bottom chamber to use a different heat source (see video below).

The glass chambers are modern and stylish in their design. They are made from borosilicate glass, which is heat and shatter resistant.

While this syphon may look similar to the Technica, there are a few upgrades on the “NEXT” that one could argue justify the slightly higher price tag:

  • This ergonomic silicone handle is designed to support your movement and performance while you brew coffee.
  • Both cloth and metal filters, so you can experiment with each to find the one you like best

On the other hand, this model is only available in the large 5 cup size so is less suitable for those who like to brew single serves.

Hario 5 Cup “NEXT” Syphon

Bodum Pebo Stovetop Glass Vacuum

The Bodum Pebo (also called Santos in other markets) is a coffee syphon that brews up to eight cups, perfect for entertaining.

It can be purchased with or without the burner and you can use it on electric or gas stovetops. There is also a model of the Pebo that comes with an electric base.

Along with being easy to use, cleaning the Bodum Pebo is also a breeze. Simply rinse each component in hot water after each use.

Yama 3 Cup Coffee Syphon

Very similar in design to the Hario Technica, the Yama Coffee Syphon is made of heat-resistant glass to minimize the chance of breaking during heating and extraction and is easy to clean.

In the box, you’ll receive the upper glass chamber, lid, filter assembly, cloth filter, lower glass chamber, stand, alcohol burner (fuel not included), and a coffee scoop which can also be used as a stirrer.

Hario Syphon “Sommelier”

Designed to resemble a wine decanter, this Hario Sommelier coffee syphon lets you experience aromatic coffee to the fullest.

The most premium offering in Hario’s range, the Sommelier takes syphon brewing to the next level.

The natural oils from your coffee beans are preserved thanks to the high-quality cloth filter. This allows you to sample to the full flavour profile of any single origin or blend.

If a fuller-bodied brew is desired, this Hario Syphon Sommelier also comes with a reusable stainless steel filter for a more rounded taste.

How to Choose a Coffee Syphon

The best syphons, also known as vacuum coffee makers, have a filter system that ensures no sediment gets into the brew, but still allow the full flavour profile from the beans to make their way into the final brew in the bottom chamber.

The filter can be cloth or metal mesh. Whichever filter you use, ensure it fits tightly against the sides of the top glass bulb. This will ensure that all of the coffee oils pass through and into your brew, but no stray coffee grounds.

It’s also a good idea to look for shatterproof glass as these devices can be quite fragile and are generally not reparable if broken,

Coffee Syphon FAQ

Is vacuum coffee better?

When comparing to pour over brewing, a vacuum, or syphon, coffee brewer has quite a different taste profile. Siphon Coffee makes clear, smooth-tasting coffee that is intense in flavour. While the methods may seem similar, pour over uses a paper filter, while syphon uses cloth or metal, and syphon brewing involves full immersion of the coffee grounds.

How does a vacuum coffee maker work?

A siphon consists of two glass chambers, connected by a small funnel that contains a filter. Coffee grounds are placed in the top chamber while water is placed in the bottom. When the water in the bottom chamber is heated, a vacuum is created, and the liquid rises into the top chamber and mixes with the coffee grounds. When it cools, it passes back through the filter into the bottom chamber, ready to be served.

Is siphon coffee less acidic?

There isn’t any reason why this brew method would be any less acidic than methods such as french press or pour over.

What does vacuum coffee taste like?

Vacuum Siphon Coffee is smooth, clean and rich in flavour. It also has a ful-bodied mouth feel and is great at bringing out all the notes in the profile of a coffee bean.

What is the point of siphon coffee?

Siphon coffee produces flavours that can’t be achieved with other methods. It can yield a bright, clean-tasting cup that can’t be replicated in an automatic drip brewer. Plus, you get to learn how to operate a cool new piece of coffee equipment, making it perfect for coffee geeks (like us).