The Best Sunbeam Coffee Machines for 2024

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Sunbeam coffee machines let users make cafe quality coffee from the comfort of their home. With features usually only found on more high-end machines, they present great value for money and are very popular at the more affordable end of the price range.

To help to determine which Sunbeam coffee machine is right for you, we’ve listed our favourite models and compared them on a range of key criteria including boiler system, build-quality, and ease of use.

Best for Most People: Sunbeam Cafe Series Espresso EM7000

The Sunbeam Cafe Series EM7000 is the standout product in Sunbeam’s coffee machine line-up. Constructed of die-cast metal with stainless steel components, it offers a build quality seldom found in this price range.

With a group head in the machine’s centre, a steam wand on the left, and a hot water wand on the right, users can easily navigate between pulling shots and steaming milk with ease.

As found on commercial espresso machines, the EM7000 uses a 58mm group head (in contrast to the 53mm found on most Breville machines). While the difference in flavour and extraction between the sizes is minimal, it will impact what accessories (such as tampers) will be compatible with your machine.

The EM7000 comes with two single-wall filter baskets that are inserted into the group handle. Users can select between the single shot (30 ml) or double shot (60ml) filter basket size.

The heating system in the Sunbeam EM7000 is twin Thermoblock. A Thermoblock consists of a block of metal with a passage for water to pass through and heat up in the process. The twin heating system found on this machine means users can switch from milk steaming to pulling espresso with no downtime (while on single heating systems there is a delay).

While we would prefer to see a dual boiler system, like that in the Breville Dual Boiler, at this price range this heating system is perfectly acceptable.

Another stand-out feature of the Sunbeam Cafe Series is the generous 3-litre water tank (the largest on any Sunbeam model). This capacity provides users with the convenience of refilling the water less often, perfect for busy households.

Also worth noting is that the EM7000 features both PID Temperature control as well as Pre-infusion. A PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) is a component on espresso machines that help set or regulate the temperature of water in the machine. It adds precision to the machine and helps the user brew more consistency.

Pre-infusion is involves water being released from the gasket for a short period of time, at a much lower pressure than full extraction. This helps create a more even extraction by pre-wetting the ground coffee to avoid channeling, and can also slightly lower the acidity.

We also like that the EM7000 doesn’t include a built-in grinder, meaning you can pair it with a high quality espresso grinder for optimal results. This machine should last users a long time and they are likely to upgrade grinders before needing to upgrade the espresso machine.

Upgrade Option: Sunbeam Cafe Series EM7100

For an extra $100-$200 you can upgrade to the EM7100. Aside from some minor aesthetic changes, the only difference between these machines is that the EM7100 comes with a multi-capsule group handle that is compatible with major brands including Nespresso, Caffitaly and Lavazza A Modo Mio. It also features a dedicated Capsule button on the machine itself.

While on the surface this does appear a bit gimmicky, there are many households that have both pod coffee and espresso machines to accommodate the user and time available. Therefore, the EM7100 could be an all-in-one solution that eliminates the need for two separate coffee machines.

Runner Up: Sunbeam Mini Barista EM4300

The Mini Barista espresso machine is the perfect entry-level option for coffee drinkers who want a more hands-on experience with their morning brew. It offers exceptional value for money, with a full size 58mm group head, good quality steam wand, and other features usually only found on higher end machines. This is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to make high quality coffee at home.

Like the Sunbeam Cafe Series EM7000, the Mini Barista features both PID Temperature Control as well as Pre-Infusion, which is great for a machine in this price range. The main difference between the two is that this coffee machine uses a Single Thermoblock heating system while the EM7000 is Twin Thermoblock. This means you’ll have more of a delay in between steaming milk and pulling shots on the Mini Barista.

The volumetrics are pre-programmed at either 30g or 60g water weight, to match either a single or double shots, and is set at the classic Italian espresso machine pressure of 15 Bars of pressure.

The most important piece of equipment in any home-espresso set-up is the grinder. For this reason, we recommend pairing the mini barista with a high-quality espresso grinder (such as the Breville Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Grinder or Rancilio Rocky), over the all-in-one design of the Barista Max.

One downside of this setup is that because the Barista Mini is small and lightweight you may need a second hand to hold it in place when inserting and removing the portafilter.

In summary, the Sunbeam Mini Barista Espresso Machine is one of the best ways to test the water with espresso equipment and will be able to hand light everyday use. Available in either black or stainless steel, it looks stylish and modern and will fit in well with other kitchen appliances.

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Best with Built-in Grinder: Sunbeam Barista Max EM5300

The Sunbeam Barista Max is a very popular all-in-one home coffee machine at an affordable price point. It gives users access to features seen on higher-end machines without the hefty price tag.

The Barista Max features a removable 2.8-litre water tank capacity along with a 105mm space for extracting coffee, which easily accommodates tall mugs and glasses. The Sunbeam EM5300 also includes a removable drip tray, grill, and grind bin/knock box.

The interface on the Sunbeam Barista Max features four buttons and a dial for the steam wand. Users can find the power button for the grinder above, and three buttons for a single, double auto shot, and a manual shot option. To the right of the bean hopper, the Sunbeam Barista Max includes a space to store the 58mm tamper and cup-warming plate.

The main stand-out feature of this machine is the integrated grinder. It includes a large 250g hopper for whole coffee beans, and is equipped with Sunbeam’s Tap & Go grinding technology. This feature allows for easy, on-demand grinding. Users simply turn the hopper to set the desired grind size, press the button, and watch as the ground coffee fills the basket to the desired level.

Along with a single Thermoblock heating system and 15 bar pump pressure, the Sunbeam Barista Max includes Sunbeam’s Temp IQ Shot Control feature. This simply refers to the 3-way temperature control system (Thermoblock + pre-infusion + PID) that ensures consistent brewing temperatures and even coffee extraction.

Designed and engineered in Australia, this device is constructed from stainless steel with a plastic finish.

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Best Budget Option: Sunbeam Cafe Barista

The Cafe Barista is the most wallet friendly Sunbeam coffee machine on our list and is a popular entry-level choice for making great tasting coffee at home. Its compact footprint, touch screen navigation, and automatic milk system set this semi-automatic machine above others in its price range.

The Sunbeam Cafe Barista is designed for easy navigation between each step of the brewing process. Users find the group head at the machine’s left and the milk reservoir and automatic wand to the right. In the upper right corner of this coffee maker, users can find the one-touch navigation screen.

Along with the removable 470ml milk reservoir, the Sunbeam EM5000 includes a 2-litre removable water tank and drip tray. The machine pairs well with any size coffee cup with its pull-out adjustable tray. Like all Sunbeam machines, it has the industry standard 15 Bars of pump pressure.

A stand-out feature is the automatic milk steam wand. This is a feature usually found on higher-end automatic coffee machines and eliminates the guesswork and learning curve required to froth milk to the correct consistency.

Instead of manually steaming milk to the desired texture for your drink, simply turn the dial to select the desired milk amount for your beverage, and the milk frother will take care of the rest.

When comparing the Cafe Barista to the machines above, you loose the commercial 58mm group head along with the stainless steel construction. There’s also no PID temperature control or pre-infusion and users don’t have the ability to programme the espresso volume.

As this machine doesn’t feature a built-in grinder, users in this price range would likely pair it with pre-ground beams.

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What about the Sunbeam Torino?

The Sunbeam Torino PU8000 is Sunbeam’s most expensive coffee machine, featuring a Triple Thermoblock heating system, a pressure gauge, and single and dual floor filter baskets.

It’s an impressive machine. However, in this price range we would go for one of the following options:

Sunbeam Coffee Machine Comparison Table

Coffee MachineTorino Espresso Machine & GrinderCafé Series Espresso Machine + CapsuleCafé Series Espresso MachineBarista Max Espresso MachineCafé BaristaMini Barista Espresso MachineCafé Espresso IIPiccolo Espresso
Dimension HxWxD (mm)480 x 288 x 425355 x 365 x 340355 x 365 x 340410 x 320 x 350320 x 224 x 268330 x 295 x 250312 x 215 x 260288 x 205 x 255
MaterialsDie-cast Metal, Stainless SteelDie-cast Metal, Stainless SteelDie-cast Metal, Stainless SteelStainless Steel & PlasticPlastic HousingStainless Steel & PlasticPlastic HousingPlastic Housing
Power (W)2400240024001550147013501300Not stated
Heating SystemTriple ThermoblockTwin ThermoblockTwin ThermoblockSingle ThermoblockSingle ThermoblockSingle ThermoblockSingle ThermoblockSingle Thermoblock
Group Head Size58mm58mm58mm58mmNot stated58mmNot statedNot stated
Pump Pressure15 Bar15 Bar15 Bar15 Bar15 Bar15 Bar15 Bar15 Bar
PID Temp ControlYesYesYesYesNoYesNoNo
Pre InfusionYesYesYesYesNoYesNoNo
Filter Baskets1 & 2 cup single & dual floor1 & 2 cup single & dual floor1 & 2 cup single floor1 & 2 cup single wall1 & 2 cup single wall1 & 2 cup dual wall1 & 2 cup single wall1 & 2 cup single wall
Programmable VolumeYesYesYesYesNoYesNoNo
Water Tank Size (L)2.5332.8221.71.3
Pressure GaugeYesYesYesNoNoNoNoNo
Smart Steam WandNoYesYesNoNoNoNoNo
Cup Warming TrayYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year1 Year

Sunbeam Coffee Machine FAQs

How long do Sunbeam coffee machines last?

Many things can influence the life of a home coffee machine including frequency of use and whether routine maintenance is carried out as required. Sunbeam coffee machines are well built kitchen appliances and should last in excess of 3 years if well looked after. However, they are unlikely to last as long as those from dedicated espresso machine manufacturers as these tend to have superior build quality and components.

Where are Sunbeam coffee machines made?

Sunbeam coffee machines are made in China. Their coffee machines are designed and engineered in Australia but the company itself is American.

How do you use a Sunbeam Cafe Series?

Once your machine is warmed up, grind fresh coffee beans into the centre of the filter basket and fill slightly above the rim. Use the tamper to tamp straight down with even pressure. You may need to add more coffee and tamp again. Purge water from the group head and then insert the portafilter with a twisting motion. Start your espresso pour using the appropriate shot button (single or double).

How do you clean a Sunbeam coffee maker?

The cleaning process between different Sunbeam coffee machines may vary slightly however they will all face the problem of oil deposits building up over time which can impact the taste of your coffee and the performance of the machine. Regular cleaning is essential and reduces the requirement for more serious maintenance. After every time you use the machine, cycle water through the group head to remove any surface build up. You should also purge the steam wand and wipe it with a cloth. You can use a fine bristled brush or cleaning pin to clear out holes in the filter basket before wiping it clean. Sunbeam machines should be cleaned using a Sunbeam Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablet, which is placed in the filter basket before running the cleaning cycle. Consult the instruction booklet of your specific machine for more details.