Best Reusable Coffee Pods Australia

We believe that by using reusable coffee pods, you can save money on your coffee purchases and also reduce waste in our environment. By purchasing a single use pod instead of one of those disposable plastic cups, you’re saving money and reducing your impact on the planet.

We’ve found that there are many advantages to using reusable coffee pods over other types of packaging such as paper bags or aluminum cans. Here’s why…

Reusable coffee pods are better for the environment.

When you use a single serve coffee machine that uses a nespresso or other type of pod, you’re throwing away the entire plastic cup each time you use it. This is wasteful since the plastic cup can be recycled and used again. By using our reusable coffee pods, you’re saving the environment from waste and helping to keep our landfills free of unnecessary garbage.

Using a single serve coffee machine that uses a K-cup or other type of pod is a great way to make your favorite cup of coffee in the morning. Unfortunately, these single serve coffee machines use disposable plastic cups each time you use them. These plastic cups can’t be recycled and end up in our landfills.

When you put plastic in a landfill, it never breaks down. It just stays there forever. This means that if we keep throwing away plastic cups, there will be more and more plastic in our landfills until they are full.

But it doesn’t stop there. The sun causes the plastic to heat up and as a result, the plastic leaks all kinds of chemicals into the soil and water around it.

Coffee makers should use recyclable products. Recycled glass pods were every bit as easy to drink as a conventional glass pod. And they were cheaper to make (B&B recycling pods costs $2,800 per 6-pack, according to Budweiser). The biggest advantage to recycled coffee pods? They’re all about energy savings. Greening the product allows energy to go towards the end product: Green and recycled coffee pods save more than 75 percent of their energy use (from plastic to energy), according to recycling expert Dave Fayer, environmental programs manager for Waste Management’s Pueblo headquarters.

Discard your reusable cup and go for plastic—like those disposable foam cups. Studies show these cups aren’t as environmentally friendly as their reusable cousins, and they come with a few extra problems. It takes 10 times the energy to produce foam cups than for conventional cups, according to Eco-Cell, a company that specializes in carbon capture in the beverage industry. Consumers also drink out of the plastic cups more frequently than they do with their reusable counterparts, Ecocatch, an environmental marketing company, found.

No, they don’t make perfectly lined ceramic cups. And those labels look terrible on beverage containers. They’re accurate; after all, most of us do our shopping online. But the concept of a pre-flavored, patented, perfectly lined drinking container that keeps you piping hot through the entire meal (while also neutralizing any potential acidity) is a little nuts. Plus, the bottles can clog your dishwasher, pour from your soap dispenser, or leak into your bathroom sink. In general, consuming food or beverages in your kitchen wastes even more fuel than drinking them in your home, according to research by Bank of America.


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