The Best Quiet Kettles in Australia for 2024

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Is a screaming kettle waking up your house or interrupting important Zoom meetings?

While there’s no such thing as a silent kettle, you can significantly reduce the noise created when making tea or coffee by upgrading to a whisper-quiet kettle.

An electric kettle with a sound-muffling design provides a quiet, rapid boil for tea and coffee on demand. Below, we round up our top picks for the quietest kettles in Australia.

Best Quiet Kettle: Russell Hobbs Brooklyn Kettle

This 1.7-litre capacity kettle with a perfect-pour spout has an aesthetic appeal that’s matched only by its performance. Of course, the big draw of this kettle is the quiet-boil technology that creates a whisper-quiet boil, but this popular kettle does come with a range of other features that make it a crowd favourite.

The design is stainless steel with a copper or matte black finish (depending on the model you select) and the easy-to-read water level indicator lets you measure the perfect amount with just a glance. The water window is actually illuminated with a blue light to make it easy to make the perfect “cuppa” even when you’re stumbling around in a dark kitchen!

The perfect pour spout on this kettle deserves some attention. It creates a beautiful single stream that allows you to pour your hot water without spilling a drop. There’s also a limescale filter that makes it easy to keep this kettle clean and fresh for many years to come.

Runner Up: De’Longhi Iconic Quick Boil Quiet Kettle

Showing off a beautiful vintage-inspired design with a candy-coated finish, this 1.7-litre kettle would make a great addition to any home. Incorporating De’Longhi’s Quiet-Boil technology, the Iconic has many happy users testifying that this is indeed a whisper-quiet kettle.

The retro chrome details with high-gloss finish make this a kettle that nobody will ever want to store away in a cabinet. The fact that the water-level indicator is located discreetly on the back helps to preserve the beautiful aesthetic of this kettle.

While this kettle is beautiful, it also offers all the convenience and technology wanted in a modern kettle. The 360-degree swivel on the base makes it easy to grab for your tea refill at the breakfast table. The limescale filter on this kettle is fully removable and washable, while a power-on light makes it easy to know when this kettle is ready to go.

Best for Pour Over Coffee: Fellow Stagg EKG Coffee Kettle

A top pick for coffee lovers, the Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle stuns with its minimalist design packed with great features like variable temperature control and elegant gooseneck design. It has a 900-milliliter capacity packed into an elegant, barista-level design that turns any kitchen into a personal coffee shop. Its flat, compact base creates a small profile on the kitchen counter.

Not only is this kettle very quiet, but the Stagg EKG is also commonly viewed as the ultimate pour-over coffee kettle. This gooseneck kettle does most of the heavy lifting for whipping up a tasty brew on a groggy morning with help from its built-in brew stopwatch that times coffee extraction.

Another notable feature is the toggle switch located on the base of the kettle. It will actually maintain your selected temperature for a full hour once you place it on “hold” mode.

Lastly, temperature settings are displayed clearly on a petite LCD screen at the kettle’s base. Watch in real-time as the temperature climbs while the water heats up!

Also Great: Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle

Another option for manual coffee brewers, this 1-litre kettle is contrusted from stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. It sits nicely on an elevated cradle that features real-time temperature readings on a red LED display.

The count-up timer on this kettle makes it easy to know boiling status with a quick glance, while the gooseneck spout allows for easy, controlled pours every time.

The “hold” button on this kettle maintains its temperature for up to 60 minutes, perfect for brewing coffee for a larger group. There’s also an option to access preset brewing temperatures to get a consistent boil every time. People who prefer to have a little more control can use the manual option for adjusting temperatures in single-degree increments from 60 degrees Celsius to 98 degrees Celsius.

Feature Packed: Russell Hobbs Addison Digital Kettle

Made from stainless steel, this quiet 1.7-litre kettle rests on a compact base with easy-to-access dials allowing for temperature settings between 70 degrees Celsius and 90 degrees Celsius.

The lip on the spout helps to produce full, controlled pours that make it easy to fill a cup with some swift wrist action.

The large water window on the Addison Kettle makes it easy to keep tabs on water levels, while the keep-warm function helps you to keep the cups of tea coming while enjoying long conversations with friends or family.

Quiet Kettle Buying Guide

Where do you start with finding the perfect quiet kettle? It’s all about lining up the right features for an easy, intuitive boiling experience.

While a good capacity is important, it’s also essential to ensure that a kettle isn’t large and clunky because you never want a wobbly wrist while pouring.

Aesthetics can also matter as much as performance when it comes to a kitchen staple that’s as essential as a kettle. A kettle should look good enough to keep on the kitchen countertop all the time.

Keep the below points in mind when shopping for your quiet electric kettle:


Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know just how quiet a kettle truly is without turning it on in your own kitchen.

There is, however, a little trick for this.

Generally, kettles with higher wattage are nosier than kettles with lower wattage. While this rule isn’t foolproof, it’s something to keep in mind as you comparison shop.


How big should an electric kettle be?

This is really a matter of personal preference. When buying a kettle as the sole coffee or tea drinker in a household, smaller kettles will do just fine. However, it’s also important to consider the hassle of refills when planning to serve coffee or tea with help from an electric kettle.

The sweet spot for a crowd-pleasing kettle is around the 1.7 litre mark.

Pouring Style

A broad spout with a deep funnel is preferred for quick pours that allow you to fill a mug easily. This is the standard on most kettles.

However, someone boiling water to make pour-over coffee might want to put some gooseneck kettles on the consideration list. The benefit of a gooseneck kettle is that you’re able to easily control your flow rate when pouring water over your coffee grounds.

Base Style

It’s not all about the “kettle” when choosing an electric kettle. While the carafe is the part that you’ll be interacting with the most, the kettle’s cradle also deserves some consideration.

A kettle’s base really shapes how large of a profile the kettle makes in a kitchen. The fact of the matter is that bases can’t be overly thin and compact because they house the heating element.

When a kettle is turned on, the electric current flows through the coil to generate enough heat to bring the water to its boiling point. While a base can’t be as thin as paper, you will find that some kettles have very unobtrusive bases. The first question to answer has to do with whether you prefer a square or round base.

Special Features

Little details really add up when it comes to finding quality kettles with quiet performance. It should all come together to create a kettle that offers fast boiling, good temperature control, ease of use, and safety.

First, only shop from reputable, well-known brands that have been making kettles for years. The problem with trying to go with an off-brand bargain option is that there’s no guarantee that the kettle will last or that the components are high quality. If a kettle has any plastic components, ensure that the manufacturer uses BPA free plastic.

Like all electrical appliances, kettles need safety features that will protect your home from fire dangers. The most important safety feature of all is boil dry protection. This feature automatically switches off your heating element when the tank runs out of water.

Modern kettles should also use insulating technology that keeps them cool to the touch while keeping the contents piping hot. If you’re prone to burning yourself on the kettles hot exterior, keep an eye out for these “cool touch” designs. These kettles have been designed so that the outer material remains cool even when the water inside reaches boiling point.

The last feature to consider is a keep warm function. Many kettles today will maintain a set temperature for up to an hour. That’s just enough time to keep your water warm for refills without creating a scorching risk caused by evaporating water.