The Best Drip Coffee Makers in Australia for 2024

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For coffee lovers wanting to brew quality coffee en masse, a drip coffee maker is a great investment. As drip coffee makers are only just starting to become more popular in Australia, it can be tricky to determine which device will work best for your brewing preferences and taste. 

While there are many types of drip coffee makers available for purchase, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourites on the market to help narrow your search.

Best Overall: Moccamaster Classic Coffee Maker

Our pick for the best drip coffee maker is the Moccamaster Classic. This automatic coffee machine comes equipped with a large 1.25-litre carafe that fills in under six minutes.

The steady temperature controls and ability to evenly saturate coffee grounds has earned the Moccamaster Classic acclaim from coffee associations like the SCAA, SCAE, and ECBC. 

The Classic’s durable copper boiler maintains a constant temperature of 90-95 degrees Celsius, which is essential to balanced coffee brewing. The machine itself includes two temperature settings for the featured post-brew warming plate, and the warming plate is designed to automatically shut off after 40 minutes.

Whether you’re a multiple cup coffee drinker or brewing a large quantity of coffee to share, the Moccamaster Classic excels with large amounts of good coffee. 

Built with high-grade aluminium, glass, and BPA free plastic, the Moccamaster Classic is made to last a lifetime if well-maintained. What makes this automatic coffee machine so efficient in producing a balanced taste is its 9 hole spray head that saturates all coffee grounds evenly. Likewise, the brew cycle includes a bloom phase that prepares grounds for maximum extraction.

While the Moccamaster is one of the best automatic drip coffee machines on the market, it struggles to brew smaller amounts of coffee. Using smaller amounts of coffee makes for less of a barrier for the hot water entering the filter basket, and the water drains into the carafe too quickly for optimal extraction to take place. 

While the machine as a whole is built to last for years, many users have mentioned having to replace the coffee carafe over time.


  • Carafe warming plate keeps coffee hot for up to 40 minutes
  • 1.25 Litre carafe 
  • Built with high-grade aluminium and BPA free plastic


  • Not the best for brewing smaller quantities of coffee 
  • Not suited to make specialty coffee drinks
  • Carafe is fragile

Runner Up: Breville Precision Brewer Thermal

While we love the Moccamaster classic for the title of the best drip coffee maker, the Breville Precision Brewer Thermal is a close second! Built of brushed stainless steel and packed with a variety of special features, this automatic drip machine is the perfect addition to a modern kitchen! 

As one of the world’s first 1.8-litre drip makers, the Precision Brewer provides users with 6 unique brewing modes to customise their experience. Users can select from preset modes like gold (which is SCA certified), fast, strong, iced, and cold brew settings before preparing their coffee.

Likewise, this maker allows users to adjust elements like bloom time, flow rate, and water temperature with its PID system. For additional brewing versatility, this device has a drip adapter to pair with your favourite pour over coffee device. Enjoy drip, iced, cold brew, and pour-over coffee all from one machine!

The Breville Precision Brewer comes equipped with a patent-pending steep & release valve. This holds the water in contact with the grounds when small cup volumes are being brewed without the carafe in place.

All of these customisable features are reflected in the price of this machine, though. This device does run on the high end of the coffee machine price spectrum. Likewise, users have mentioned some inconsistencies with water evenly soaking the grounds in the filter basket.


  • 1.8-litre carafe 
  • 6 preset brewing modes 
  • PID temperature control system 
  • Dual filter baskets included 
  • Steep & Release system


  • Higher-end of the price spectrum 
  • Grounds aren’t evenly soaked 
  • Temperature is cooler than other machines

Best Value for Money: Breville Aroma Style Electronic Drip Coffee Maker

The Breville Aroma Style is an affordable electronic maker option for those looking for a great coffee maker on a budget. This stylish stainless steel design can make up to 12 cups of coffee at a time and comes equipped with a glass carafe with a hinged lid. With a built-in multiple flow system, the Breville Aroma style is built to ensure optimum extraction.

For an affordable price, this coffee machine comes with a variety of features to make the brewing process unique. With an LCD digital display ease of use, a pre-set timer for automatic brewing, and a thermostat controlled hot plate to keep coffee warm in the carafe, the Aroma Style is one of the best coffee makers for efficiency. The hot plate will keep the coffee hot for hours as long as the coffee maker is switched on.

This machine also includes a non-drip valve system that allows users to interrupt brewing before the entire carafe has finished filling. With a removable mesh filter basket and removable filter holder, the Breville Aroma Style is as easy to clean as it is to use. 

While this machine does a great job of efficiently producing quality coffee, many users have mentioned the condensation build-up during the brewing process creates a mess on the kitchen bench. Users recommend having a paper towel ready whenever opening the machine to clean out the used grounds after brewing. Likewise, the water reservoir opening is very narrow, which can make for difficulty in adding water to the machine.


  • 12 cup carafe capacity 
  • Pre-set timer
  • Non-drip valve system 
  • Easy to use and easy to clean


  • Condensation will leak into the pot 
  • Space to fill water is too narrow

Best Single-Serve: Moccamaster 300ml Cup-One Filter Coffee Brewer

For coffee lovers who don’t need to make a pot of coffee every morning, the Moccamaster 300ml Cup-One Filter Coffee Brewer is a quality single-serve option. As an approved single-serve coffee maker, the Cup-One brews directly into a mug or travel container. The One-Cup uses principles of pour-over and batch brew to make your perfect cup of coffee. 

With a unique copper boiling element to this coffee maker, the device is able to rapidly heat water to control the brewing temperature. This ensures soluble extraction from grounds to cup. The device also switches off when the water reservoir is empty. This machine is durable, energy-efficient, and sustainable in the absence of using coffee pods or capsules. 

Constructed of the same high-quality aluminium as other Moccamaster drip machines, this single-serve alternative is built to last for years if well-maintained. Each machine is built by hand and individually tested, ensuring the brew quality is beyond dispute. With only one button to press, this Moccamaster device is easy to use! This coffee maker has a quick brewing time, as it can prepare 300ml of delicious drip coffee in 4-6 minutes. Likewise, the machine comes with two porcelain cups and 80 paper filters to ensure users have a perfect coffee experience from the start. 

While the One-Cup is a sustainable alternative to coffee pod machines, it is not suitable for larger quantities of coffee. For individuals looking for Moccamaster-quality brewing may want to invest in one of their larger coffee machines. Users have also discussed inconsistencies with water distribution over grounds in the brewing chamber, which led to over-extracted coffee. The small size of the drip cone makes it easy for water clogging, too.


  • Single-cup maker without coffee pods 
  • Copper boiling system for temperature control 
  • One-touch coffee brewing
  • Paper filters included with purchase


  • Inconsistent distribution of water while brewing
  • Not suitable for larger coffee quantities 
  • Drip cone size makes for easy clogging

Best Budget Buy: Sunbeam Specialty Brew Drip Filter Coffee Machine

For users looking for a simple machine that produces fresh coffee for an affordable price, the Sunbeam Specialty coffee maker is a great option. With a programmable timer for auto-brew, users can program their machine to make a fresh and flavourful cup of coffee as they wake up. An added anti-drip valve allows the carafe to be removed any time during brewing without worry about spilling coffee on counter space, too. An illuminated 4-hour freshness indicator also informs users how much time has passed since the coffee was brewed. 

The Sunbeam Specialty brew drip is simple to use and simple to clean. With a dishwasher safe glass carafe, reusable mesh filter, and minimalist design, users can easily clean out the machine after each use.

This coffee maker includes a reusable mesh filter as a paper filter replacement. Users can remove the filter from the machine for easy cleaning. With a featured colour coded measuring system on the scoop, carafe, and water tank, users can easily add the right amount of coffee and water every time.

With a 2-step advanced water filtration system built-in, this coffee maker improves the overall coffee taste by removing impurities in water. 

While this machine has a 12 cup brewing capacity, the carafe can overflow when trying to brew the maximum volume of coffee. Users recommend brewing up to the 8 cup or 10 cup mark to eliminate the chance of overflowing the carafe. This machine is not suitable for single cup users, as it has a 4-cup minimum requirement for brewing. Likewise, users have mentioned this coffee machine struggles with consistent coffee extraction. Some of this can be avoided by altering the grind size and ratio of coffee to water.


  • Colour-coded measuring system 
  • Reusable coffee filter 
  • Programmable LED display 
  • 2-step filtration system


  • Container overflows with larger quantities 
  • Coffee extraction is inconsistent 
  • Has a 4-cup minimum for brewing

Upgrade Pick: Moccamaster Thermal Coffee Brewer

Similar to other Moccamaster coffee makers, the Thermal Coffee Brewer is a high-quality machine that makes brewing large quantities effortlessly. This model pairs the brewing capacity of the Moccamaster Classic with a thermal carafe that keeps your coffee hot for a longer period of time. The quality of their coffee maker has been approved by the SCAA, SCAE, and ECBC. 

With a carafe capacity of 1.25 litres (10 cups), the Moccamaster Thermal coffee maker ensures coffee brewed hot or iced will stay at its desire temperature for hours.

The carafe comes with a mixing lid for pouring and a spill-proof travel lid. This coffee maker takes temperature control to a whole new level with its heavy-duty copper boiler, which ensures the water stays between 90-95 degrees celsius for optimal extraction.

With a 9-hole spray head, this coffee machine achieves even ground saturation, which is an upgrade from past Moccamaster models. 

Built with high-grade aluminium, BPA-free plastic, and stainless steel, the Moccamaster Thermal is equipped to last for years on end. This coffee maker also includes 100 paper filters so users can begin brewing the moment they remove the machine from the box!

This coffee maker includes a manually adjustable brew basket that has three settings controlled by a toggle switch. This allows users to steep their coffee longer or even close the brew basket and remove the carafe without making a mess. 

While there are many raving reviews about this drip coffee maker, some users have observed this machine struggles with finer consistencies of coffee. Finely ground coffee beans can lead to water filtering through at a slower pace, and overflowing the brew basket in an extreme case. Moccamaster recommends a medium grind for the machine. The Thermal does retain some water in the boiler from each brew. While this is more of a minor observation, users have mentioned it’s hard to tell when the machine is done brewing.


  • Precise temperature control 
  • 1.25 Litre carafe capacity
  • Stainless steel carafe included


  • Doesn’t do well with fine consistencies of coffee 
  • The machine retains water in the boiler after use 
  • No indication brewing is finished

Best Space-Saver: De’Longhi Clessidra Drip Coffee Machine

For coffee drinkers looking for a space-saving drip coffee maker, the De’Longhi Clessidra maker is a sleek and modern addition to any kitchen counter space. In comparison to other automatic drip coffee makers on this list, this model takes up the least amount of space. As a pour-over coffee replacement, this machine offers a one-touch brewing experience to produce a quality cup of coffee. 

With a 1.25-litre water tank capacity, this machine excels in producing coffee in 8 cup-10 cup intervals. With a slower brew process than a typical pour-over, the De’Longhi Clessidra creates a more intense and aromatic flavour. The precision brewing technology of the Clessidra has earned approval from the ECBC for its extraction rate and ergonomic design. Built of quality heat-resistant materials, this coffee maker is intended to last for years at a time. The automatic pour-over unction pulses water through a shower head spout evenly soaking grounds in the brewing basket. A built-in temperature sensor ensures optimum brewing temperature is present while coffee is being prepared. 

Another unique feature this Italian-made device has is an anti-drip mechanism. This ensures that when the pitcher is removed, the machine stops dispensing water, which keeps coffee from dripping onto the hotplate below. After the brew cycle takes place, the warm plate keeps coffee warm for up to 40 minutes, ensuring that users have hot coffee available after their first cup. 

While the design of this coffee maker is sound, the all-glass pitcher is susceptible to cracking if knocked against other items. Likewise, the brewing time on this model is longer than other machines on this list. While this does allow for a riched coffee profile, it is not suitable for users looking for quickly-brewed coffee. Users have also observed the Clessidra is noisier than most other electric drip makers.


  • Unique hourglass design 
  • 1.25-litre brewing capacity 
  • Features a descaling alert for easy cleaning 
  • Small countertop footprint


  • Glass jug cracks easily 
  • Noisier than other drip coffee makers 
  • The machine takes longer to brew than other devices 

Best Entry-Level: Sunbeam Auto Brew Drip Filter Coffee Machine

For users looking for a simple-to-use machine to being their automatic drip journey with, the Sunbeam Auto-Brew Drip coffee maker is the perfect starting point! With clever controls such as an Auto-brew feature, a programmable LED display, and a reusable mesh filter, users can brew fresh drip coffee with a no-fuss maker! Similar to Sunbeam’s Specialty Brew coffee maker, users are provided with a variety of features in their machine for an affordable price. 

Equipped with an anti-drip valve, this machine ensures no coffee drips from the machine when the coffee pitcher is removed. Like other quality coffee makers, the Sunbeam Auto Brew users a shower spout to distribute hot water evenly over coffee in the brew basket, allowing for optimal extraction.

The reusable mesh filter makes for easy cleaning and eliminates the need to continually purchase paper filters. The filter, glass pitcher, and measuring spoon can be cleaned easily in warm water. With a warm plate at the base of the pitcher, the Sunbeam Auto Brew can keep brewed coffee warm for up to two hours. With a 12 cup pitcher capacity, this coffee maker easily brews coffee for an entire household. 

While the Sunbeam Auto-brew makes for a great entry-level automatic drip maker, it does have similar issues as the Sunbeam Specialty maker. Since the machine is constructed mostly of brushed stainless plastic, its lifespan is not as long as machines built with higher-quality materials. Like the Sunbeam Specialty Brew, this coffee maker tends to overflow the glass pitcher when brewing larger quantities. Users recommend brewing in 8-10 cup quantities to avoid this. Users have also voiced inconsistencies in extraction with this machine relating to water distribution in the brewing chamber. 


  • Reusable mesh filter 
  • Auto-brew feature 
  • Programmable LED Display


  • Pitcher overflows when brewing larger quantities. 
  • Water distribution is inconsistent 
  • Shorter lifespan than other machines 

Drip Coffee Maker Buying Guide

When looking into purchasing any new coffee maker, there are many decisions that need to be made to pick the best coffee maker for you. With automatic drip coffee machines growing in popularity around Australia, there has been a surge in makers on the market for purchase.

We’ve constructed a brief buying guide with some helpful context to help narrow your search for the perfect addition to your morning routine.

Types of Drip Coffee Makers

While automatic machines are growing in popularity, there are a variety of styles available for coffee drinkers. Each type of automatic brewer offers users certain features, and some features may work better for you than others. We’ve included a few types of machines on the market for users to purchase below, as well as some of the features each type offers its users.


Thermal automatic drip brewers are great for users looking to brew coffee once and ensure it stays hot long after the coffee is brewed. With the inclusion of an insulated pitcher, this machine can guarantee that coffee will stay piping hot for hours without the help of a hot plate or warmer. This alleviates the chance for coffee to overcook or burn while sitting on a hot plate, and it makes the pitcher more portable.


In comparison to the thermal makers, coffee makers with a glass pitcher are not as insulated, and require the assistance of a warmer to keep the coffee hot after brewing. While the glass does make the pitcher more fragile than an insulated thermal one, the transparency of the material is great for knowing how much coffee is left in the pitcher. 

More often than not, glass drip machines will come with a timing or temperature mechanism that allows you to set your warmer to turn off after a certain amount of time. Some devices are automatically programmed to turn off after 40 minutes or even up to two hours after brewing. Another helpful feature that certain machines have included a timer to communicate how long the coffee has been on the warmer after brewing as well. This helps users know how fresh their coffee is. 

For the ultimate freshness of your brewed coffee, it is important to consume your coffee shortly after brewing it. However, many devices build in ways to extend the life and freshness of the coffee for users to get the most out of the beverage they’re brewing.

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When considering a new drip coffee maker for your kitchen, quantity matters just as much as brewing quality coffee does. Since these types of makers are known to produce larger quantities at once, it’s important to evaluate how much coffee you will need to meet the needs of your household. 

For multi-cup coffee drinkers, purchasing a machine that can produce 8-12 cups of coffee at a time will almost always ensure there is enough coffee to go around. More often than not, these machines have a minimum cup capacity to brew. While these larger models may require 4 cups at the least to brew coffee, they typically thrive with 8-12 cup increments. 

For sole coffee drinkers, or users who won’t make it through the 4 cup minimum larger machines offer may benefit from a single-serve machine instead. While there are fewer single-serve automatic drip machines on the market, there are quality machines to choose from.

Additional Features: What do you get if you pay more?

While there are many features in common with automatic drip coffee makers on the market, users have more features available to them as the price for their device goes up. While the quality of the materials used to manufacture each machine factors into the overall price, some of the below features can make or break your coffee machine purchase, too.


For users who love the smell of freshly-brewed coffee the moment their alarm goes off, an automatic brew feature is a game-changer. This feature allows users to set a specific time for their machine to begin brewing. All users need to do is ensure the proper amount of water and grounds are present in the machine, the desired time is set on the machine. After that users just need to set it, forget it, and fill their cup with freshly-brewed coffee the following morning.

Warming Plate

While most glass pitcher automatic coffee makers will include this feature, the addition of a warming plate is a helpful tool in keeping your coffee warm after the initial brew. 

Whether the coffee maker is auto-programmed to turn off the warming plate after 40 minutes, or it is able to keep coffee warm for up to two hours, this is a great feature for users who enjoy drinking hot coffee throughout their day.

Users run the risk of altering the flavour of the coffee if left on the warming plate too long. However, some devices do offer users the ability to turn off the warmer if it isn’t needed for every batch of coffee brewed.

Brew Settings

While most drip coffee makers specialize in making one type of coffee, more advanced models offer the ability to manually adjust the basket to alter the steeping time. Higher-end makers provide multiple settings for users to select to change the temperature, flow rate, and flavour profile of the coffee brewed. 

For those who appreciate the simple structure of a standard machine, the ability to choose between brew settings may not be of interest. For those who like more control over their morning cup of joe, it is a nice feature to have at your fingertips.

To wrap up

Whether you’re looking for a modern space-saving device or a single-serve maker, there are quality machines available to provide a fresh and flavourful cup of coffee. 

While the simple-to-use automatic coffee maker is becoming the new rage in the coffee world, it’s important to know what type of machine really suits your taste.