The Best Coffee Thermos in Australia for 2024

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A coffee thermos is ideal for people who are always on the go. It will keep your drink hot for hours so you actually have the chance to enjoy it throughout the day.

There are many of coffee thermos flasks available but they vary in size, quality and heat retention capabilities. It’s so disappointing to buy a thermos that looks great only to find it leaks or doesn’t keep your drink hot at all. Below we’ve reviewed the best coffee thermoses on the market so you can keep your coffee hot for hours and enjoy it while on the go.

Contigo Westloop Autoseal Mug

The Contigo Westloop Autoseal Mug is trusted by thousands of people around the world to keep their drinks warmer for longer. It has a large 473ml capacity and uses thermalock vacuum insulation to keep hot drinks hot for up to 5 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 12 hours.

The autoseal technology means this mug is leak proof and spill proof. One particularly useful feature of this model is that it can be used one-handed thanks to the convenient push button, which can also be locked to prevent accidental opening.

The plastic lid is easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher but the stainless steel body of the thermos should be hand washed. For ease of use, this travel mug can fit in most car cup holders and it fits under most single serve brewers too.

Kinto Travel Tumbler

The Kinto Travel Tumbler is ideal for anyone looking for an insulated tumbler that won’t impact the flavour or aroma of their coffee. It can hold up to 500ml, is suitable for hot or cold drinks and it even has a special structure to catch ice cubes to ensure they don’t get in the way when you take a sip.

This double walled tumbler is made of 18-8 stainless steel; it is durable, offers excellent heat and cold retention and is great for long term use. The powder coat finish prevents scratches and keeps the tumbler looking smart use after use.

The structure of the cap makes sure you can drink from any angle as you would a regular mug. The lid also helps to prevent spills and the polished interior prevents odours and stains keeping the stainless steel tumbler clean and fresh. The Kinto Travel Tumbler balances style and practicality, it is available in a number of colours and has a simple but effective design that offers great insulation and ease of use.

Thermos Stainless King Vacuum Insulated Flask

Thermos is a hugely popular brand that is known for its reliable, functional and high-quality products. The Thermos Stainless King Vacuum Insulated Flask does not disappoint. This huge 1.2L flask is perfect for long days, camping and overnight trips.

The flask can keep your coffee hot (or your iced coffee cold) for 24 hours. The outside stays cool to touch and the handle makes it easy to carry the thermos with you wherever you go.

The Thermos Stainless King flask comes with a stainless steel serving cup that is also insulated and doubles as a lid so it won’t get lost in between uses. This is a vacuum insulated stainless steel thermos that is leak proof, offers maximum temperature retention and has a twist & pour stopper for easy pouring.

THERMOcafe Insulated Slimline Flask

This 1L insulated flask from ThermoCafe is sturdy, efficient and easy to keep clean. It features double-wall vacuum insulation that retains hot or cold temperatures and a twist and pour stopper for ease of use.

The flask is made from stainless steel making it highly durable and long-lasting. The wide opening of this thermos makes it easier to pour in drinks and wash the interior after use.

The lid can also be used as a cup. This flask is slimline making it a bit more compact than other large-capacity models so it can fit in bags and be carried around more comfortably.

Contigo Byron Snapseal Mug

If you’re looking for a stainless steel thermos that is sleek, stylish and practical take a look at the Contigo Byron Snapseal Mug. This travel mug is spill and leak-proof, it uses Contigo Autoseal technology to seal the mug at the push of a button. This makes it incredibly user-friendly and ideal for use on the go.

The mug keeps coffee hot for up to 9 hours and will keep cold drinks cold for up to 21 hours. It uses thermalock vacuum insulation to keep your drink at the desired temperature for longer.

This travel mug can hold 709ml and is perfect for busy lifestyles. It looks smart, has a comfortable grip and the Contigo Autoseal is a modern innovative feature that makes using a flask easier than ever.

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug

The Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug is a compact, vacuum insulated mug that can keep your coffee hot for hours.

It features a flip lid with a safety lock to prevent accidental opening. The flip lid means it can be carried in a bag without worrying about spills. It also has a wide mouth opening that makes it easy to pour water into the coffee mug and more comfortable to drink from it too.

This stainless steel travel mug is durable and easy to keep clean, it has a corrosion-resistant surface that helps to repel substances and stains.

This thermos can keep hot beverages hot for around half a day, making it an ideal choice for your morning commute.

The Zojirushi is compact enough to carry around while offering a good capacity of almost 500ml.

Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle

This 1L Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle is one of the best coffee thermoses around for long journeys, it is able to keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold for 24 hours. This is an ideal option for work, adventures, camping trips and travelling.

The Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle is made from 18/8 stainless steel and is phthalate-free, BPA free, non-toxic and does not leave behind a metallic taste. It is also leakproof and is built to last.

This double-wall vacuum insulated travel mug is even dishwasher safe so you can clean it effortlessly after use. It features an insulated lid that doubles as a cup and you can pack this away without worrying about it leaking or getting damaged.

Coffee Thermos Buying Guide

There are plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a thermos flask so make sure the one you choose meets your requirements. The best option will be reliable, convenient and cost-effective. Consider key factors such as size, portability, the material used and how well it holds the temperature to help you determine which thermos is best for you.


The material of the thermos will determine how durable it is and how long it will last. Stainless steel is the best material as it is highly durable and some stainless steel models even come with a lifetime warranty.

Temperature Retention

Heat retention determines how long the coffee flask is able to keep coffee hot and cold retention is how long it can keep drinks cold. How effective the thermos is will depend on the insulation it uses. Look out for double-walled vacuum insulation as this is what the best thermoses use. Some of the best thermoses can keep your coffee hot for 24 hours!


The size of the mug will impact how much liquid you can fit in it, how comfortable it is to carry and whether or not it will fit into cup holders.

If you plan on using your thermos with your coffee machine you will also want to make sure it is not too tall so you can make the coffee directly into the thermos rather than needing to transfer it from one mug to the insulated travel mug.

Choose a thermos that suits your needs, there’s no point buying a large, bulky option if you only plan to enjoy a single-serve hot coffee in the morning. Look at the size and volume of the flask and make sure it will suit your daily needs.

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The lid can make or break a good thermos. It needs to completely leak and spill proof and should be comfortable to drink from. Ideally, the lid should also offer insulation to stop heat from dissipating through it. The lid also needs to be easy to remove and clean.

While you drink straight from an opening in the lid on some coffee flasks, others use a lid that seconds as a drinking cup.

Do you need to be able to drink from the thermos with one hand or will you be able to unscrew the lid each time?

The drinking mechanism can impact how you drink from the flask as well as how you seal and store the flask. Each has its own pros and cons but it’s worth considering what your preference is before buying.

Other Features

Impact On Flavour

Avoid plastic as it can absorb flavours and impact the taste of your drinks. To enjoy your coffee as it is meant to taste, go for something with a stainless steel interior and lining as this won’t hold onto odours and impact the taste.


Check if the travel coffee flask needs to be pre-heated or pre-cooled before use. Some travel mugs require this to make them more effective in temperature retention.

This involves filling the mug with piping hot or very cold water and letting it sit for a few minutes before you pour it out and put your drink in.

Preparation isn’t always necessary, it is an extra step in your drink-making process but it can make a lot of difference to the heat retention abilities of the flask.


The last thing you want is your hot coffee to spill out of the lid and all over your bag. Make sure the lid is spill-proof.

It should be able to withstand every day usage and wear and tear without spilling a single drop of your coffee.

A strong seal is an important feature and the lid should be high-quality to make sure this seal functions properly.


A larger coffee thermos may have a handle to make it easier to carry it around. A handle is particularly useful if the flask itself tends to get hot or is awkward to carry.

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Dishwasher Safe

Can the thermos be washed in the dishwasher or is it hand wash only? Does it have any small parts that are difficult to clean? Making sure the cleaning process is easy and removes lingering flavours and odours so you can enjoy your drinks as they are meant to taste.


A warranty or cash back guarantee is important as it gives you a chance to test the thermos out and make sure it works properly.

If it leaks or the drink doesn’t stay hot as it should then you can refund the thermos and choose a better option.

A warranty is great, particularly if you are buying online as it will give you peace of mind. Some high-quality thermos flasks even come with a lifetime warranty.