The Best Coffee Scales for All Brewing Methods

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There are many factors that go into brewing a perfect cup of coffee. Finding an ideal ratio between water to coffee grounds is one of those factors.

While it’s easy to eyeball the amount of coffee needed, a precise measurement can be the very thing that takes your coffee to the next level. A quality coffee scale is a great brewing tool to have at home, especially for users who crave consistency.

Whether you’re looking to experiment with different ratios, or you’re looking to reproduce a recipe that works with your brew method and bean selection, a scale will help you stay on track.

With so many scales available to choose from, it can be difficult and overwhelming to find one that works best for your brewing style, machine type, and personal preferences. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite coffee scales on the market in order to help make your scale search easier.

Best for Espresso: Acaia Lunar Coffee Scale

Designed specifically for espresso drip trays, the Acaia Lunar coffee scale is the perfect pairing with your espresso maker set up. This sleek and modern design provides users with accurate weighing results and high-tech features such as an LED display, Bluetooth connectivity, and mobile app compatibility. With black, white, and stainless steel colour options, users can tailor this coffee scale to fit their style.

With up to 0.1 g readability and an optional 0.1 g resolution, the Acaia Lunar is sensitive to weight changes from evaporation and temperature.

This coffee scale includes built-in auto modes, which allow it to tare, start, and stop without assistance. Its ultra-fast response time and accuracy allows users to track consistency across all espresso shots.

While this scale is specifically designed for espresso, it can be used for manual brewing methods. 

With all electronic parts being treated with a water-resistant spray, the Acaia lunar is extremely durable. Likewise, the hydrophobic ceramic coating ensures effortless cleaning and prevents wear and tear over time.

This coffee scale also offers a greener alternative power source with its lithium-ion battery. Alongside a battery life of 20-30 hours, this device offers a rechargeable USB power supply. 

The smaller dimensions of this scale ensure this scale excels with espresso but doesn’t make it a great companion for manual brewers. Likewise, the Lunar is on the higher end of the price spectrum. Users have mentioned that powering down the scale causes the scale to change modes, so users need to reprogram the scale with each use.


  • Durable and water-resistant 
  • Mobile app compatible 
  • Built-in auto modes 
  • Three colour options (white, black, stainless steel)
  • Rechargeable power supply


  • Most expensive Acaia scale model 
  • Smaller in size 
  • Mode resets when scale turns off

Best for Manual Brewing: Hario Drip Scale

For users looking for a cost-efficient coffee scale for manual brewing, the Hario V60 drip scale is a great option! Running on 2 AAA batteries, the Hario V60 drip coffee scale is compatible with all Hario servers and provides a sturdy platform for V60 drip stands. Suitable for both domestic and commercial settings, this scale adjusts accuracy as the weight increases.

The Hario drip scale includes a built-in timer to help users follow and repeat brew recipes. This device weighs in both 1 gram and 1/10th of a gram measurement for desired precision. While this scale has a small footprint, it has the capacity to weigh up to 2,000 grams. Likewise, the Hario V60 drip scale comes with a quick timing mode to ensure measurements are as precise as the extraction time, making it the perfect pairing with a Hario V60 pour-over station.

This durable and easy-to-use machine pairs well with pour-over coffee makers. While this coffee scale is a great pairing with other Hario devices, it may not be as compatible with other manual brewing brands. Likewise, this machine has a typical digital display but doesn’t have a backlit feature. This can make the scale difficult to read for some. 


  • Integrated timer 
  • Auto-off function after 5 minutes 
  • AAA Battery-operated
  • Easy to clean


  • Built to compliment Hario devices 
  • No backlit display

Best Budget Option: Obast Coffee Scale with Timer

For coffee lovers looking for the best cheap coffee scale option, the Obast coffee scale may be the one for you. This affordable digital coffee scale comes equipped with a high-precision sensor to ensure measurements accurate within 1-3,000 grams.

The Obast includes five different units of measurements, rangings from ounces, pounds, grams, and millilitres. With the versatility provided by this machine, this device makes the perfect coffee and kitchen scale.

The built-in timer feature on this scale allows users to time the brew to get a consistent cup of coffee. The Obast can time from 59 seconds to 59 minutes, which makes it compatible with manual and automatic brewing methods. This digital scale includes a power-saving mode to preserve battery life. The scale weights off the screen automatically in three minutes and shuts down in five minutes. 

Equipped with a 9-bit, high-definition LCD screen with a green or blue backlit display. With the timing display on the left and the weighing display on the right, the Obast is easy to read. The scale comes with an FDA safe silicone mat to protect the scale from heat or liquid.

While this scale is a good value for its cost, its accuracy doesn’t compare to more expensive models. Its larger dimensions can also be a deal-breaker for experienced scale users. But for those beginning their coffee scale journey, the Obast is a great entry-level digital scale.


  • Built-in timer 
  • Power-saving mode 
  • Multiple timing functions 
  • FDA-safe silicone mat


  • Larger dimensions
  • Not as accurate as other models

Also Great: Timemore Black Mirror Coffee Scale

With a sleek, minimalist design and a variety of modern features, the Timemore Black Mirror coffee scale is great value for the price and an excellent addition to your coffee brewing routine. Outfitted with a fine matte surface, this digital scale prevents fingerprints, scratches, and protect the scale from water damage.

This fast and accurate digital scale matches well with various pour-over coffee techniques and its thoughtful design makes it easy for storage and travel.

The Timemore Black Mirror brewing scale comes equipped with an LED display that archives real-time reading for time and weight during the coffee-making process. The built-in timer function maximizes efficiency while in use and allows users to control the extraction time and extraction weight.

Each timer comes with a silicone gel pad to insulate heat, prevent water stains and damage. Furthermore, a built-in 1600mAh rechargeable battery and USB port are included. After being fully charged, the scale can last for 10 hours. 

This digital scale’s versatility adds to its value. While the Timemore Black Mirror works well with a manual brewing method, it is also suitable for espresso. Since the threshold is .5g, if the initial weight of the espresso is less, some error may occur. Users have mentioned this device doesn’t always pick up finer adjustments in weight. Likewise, there are occasional quirks with the auto-timing feature. The timer stops occasionally if users adjust the brewer on the scale. Users can resume the timer manually.


  • Auto-timing function 
  • Touch-activated surface
  • Built-in rechargeable battery 
  • Suitable for espresso and manual brewing 
  • Accurate to within 0.1g


  • Quirks with the auto timer feature
  • Inconsistent fine adjustment accuracy

Best Smart Scale: Brewista Smart Scale II

For users looking to take full control of their coffee weighing experience, a scale like the Brewista Smart Scale II can provide you with as much or as little desired control over the process.

This compact and durable coffee scale is made entirely of polycarbonate, making it built to withstand the demands and environment of a commercial coffee shop. With a water-resistant nano-coating and completely sealed body, the Brewista smart scale can be kept on a drip tray. 

The Brewista Smart Scale II comes with 6 programmable weighing modes ranging from a fully manual mode to pour-over coffee.

With the manual mode, the user can tare and start the timing function. This device includes four espresso-specific modes, all of which include an auto-tare feature, and provides options for manual timing, auto-timing, and an inactive timer. The sixth mode is pour-over specific, which includes manual tare and timer functions.

This smart scale is accurate to 0.1 grams and has an extremely fast response. It can withstand a capacity of 2000 grams, making it a great kitchen scale as well. This scale includes a protective acrylic cover that doubles as a bean or food tray.

Likewise, it comes equipped with a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery that maintains a charge for several days with standard use. Likewise, the battery life can be extended with the auto-off function that can be set for 1, 2, 3 minutes or be turned off entirely. 

The Brewista II offers users many different weighing options, but it comes at a cost. This model is one of the more expensive coffee scales, but its quality is worth the investment. Like any high tech device, this scale is subject to tech glitches, especially with the tare and timer features.


  • 6 modes ranging from manual, espresso, and pour over 
  • USB Rechargeable battery 
  • Durable, compact, and easy to clean
  • Water-resistant nano-coating


  • Higher-end of the price spectrum 
  • Subject to tech glitches 
  • USB charging cord not included with the scale

Upgrade Pick: Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale

Similar to the Acaia Lunar coffee scale, the Acaia Pearl coffee scale is tailored to excel for coffee enthusiasts and coffee brewing professionals alike. This durable and modern design packs many of the favoured features from the Lunar model, with added features to increase the precision in weighing coffee. 

The Acaia Pearl comes with a real-time flow rate indicator that visualizes user pouring speed and suggests thresholds for ideal pour overflow rates.

Users can also select from six weighing modes including dual display mode, auto-start timer mode, auto-tare, espresso, and beverage mode.

Ultimately, this coffee scale allows users to choose from a range of manual control and automated options that complement their brewing style.

The Pearl includes adjustable brightness features so the screen can be easily read in indoor and outdoor light conditions. Instead of operating with AAA batteries, this scale uses a rechargeable lithium battery that can last between 30-40 hours.

For users only brewing one cup of coffee daily, this scale will need to be charged every few months, offering a greener alternative to most scales.

While the Pear provides both precision and quality, the steep price makes it intimidating for entry-level users. Its dimensions run too tall to be placed under the portafilters of many espresso machines, which can be problematic for some users.

Furthermore, its primarily plastic body isn’t as heat-resistant as other scales. This scale is not waterproof.


  • Real-time flow rate indicator 
  • Adjustable brightness 
  • Mobile app compatible 
  • USB rechargeable battery 
  • 6 different weighing modes


  • Higher-end of the price spectrum 
  • Height of the scale is too tall for espresso machines
  • Materials seem less durable

Coffee Scale Buying Guide

Coffee scales are great tools for enthusiasts looking to master the production of a perfect cup. Unlike other brewing devices and coffee makers, scales are more affordable, too. However, it’s important to find the right quality and features in a coffee scale to meet your needs. 

With the wide variety of kitchen scales available, it can be difficult to determine the perfect investment for your preferences. We’ve assembled this buying guide to include helpful considerations to narrow the coffee scale search.

Coffee Brewing Style

Whether you’re primarily a pour-over coffee brewer or are brewing coffee with an espresso machine, you need a coffee scale with the precision to match your weighing needs. 

Certain coffee scales are suitable for manual brew methods, while others work best for weighing for an espresso machine. Higher-end scales include additional modes for pour-over methods and espresso, which provide users with options for manual or automated timing and taring.

The sizing of the scale will also factor into the brew method compatibility. Scales with larger dimensions may be great for manual brewing, but not sufficient to fit on the drip tray or under the portafilter.


Since a scale’s primary job description is to provide accurate weight measurements, it’s important to purchase a scale that will provide consistent results.

With coffee beans being fairly light, a quality coffee scale needs to be precise to 0.1 of a gram.

If a brewing scale is only accurate to the half or whole gram, users won’t be able to consistently measure out the same dose of coffee.


For most digital scales, batteries are the primary power source. While a pair of AAA batteries make a scale portable and great for travel, there is usually a shelf life. 

While batteries are typically commonly found in stores and are not overly expensive, that cost will add up over time. Some manufacturers have innovated more energy-efficient alternatives in using lithium-ion batteries with a type-c rechargeable feature. 

Depending on the frequency with which you plan on using your coffee scale, one of these options may be better for you. While the rechargeable battery option may run more expensive than a normal battery-operated coffee scale, users will make up for the added cost by avoiding battery replacements.

Additional Features

With the increase of a coffee scale’s cost, most devices include a variety of features to better oversee the precision of your style. Some of these features include automated timing, taring, and an auto-off function.

Built-In Timer

Most scales come equipped with a built-in timer that enables users to time your scale to stay up until they’re finished with the coffee-making process. Likewise, this allows users to shut the coffee scale down when time is off. For users who dislike the auto-off feature when brewing coffee, this offers a helpful solution.

Tare Function

Most quality coffee scales incorporate a tare function, whether automated or manual. Since the taring function helps users measure the weight of the container and the ingredient to find a net weight and ensure precision. For users striving for peak consistency, having a coffee scale with a tare option is essential.

Auto-Off Feature

While this feature is loved by some and disliked by others, it is helpful in preserving battery life for your scale.

For users who forget on occasion to turn off the scale after using it, this is a great feature to have.

However, for manual brewers needing a longer brew time, this auto-off feature can shut down your scale before you’re finished making coffee. 

Most auto-off features power scales down between 1-5 minutes and some scales even incorporate an adjustable auto-off time for brewers. For those interested in this feature, it’s important to pay attention to the auto-off options.

Wrap Up

All in all, when it comes to selecting the best coffee scale option, factors like accuracy, control, and additional features are important considerations. How much or how little control users desire to have over the process is an essential detail in finding the scale best fit for your kitchen. 

Whether you plan on using it for weighing ground coffee, a pour-over brew, or an espresso shot, we hope this buying guide narrows your search in picking the perfect scale for you.