The Best Bottomless Portafilters for 2024

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A bottomless portafilter allows you to troubleshoot coffee as it is being extracted. This can help you master your coffee technique and brew an espresso shot that is perfectly balanced. In addition, bottomless portafilters are also able to produce more crema than traditional portafilters.

To get the best results from your bottomless portafilter, it is important to select a product that is high quality and has also been designed to suit your espresso machine. 

To help you in your search, below we’ve listed some of the best naked portafilters on the market, so you can find the best option for your espresso machine.

Best for Breville 54mm Machines: Matow Bottomless Portafilter

This popular bottomless portafilter is suitable for all 54mm Breville Machines including the Barista Touch, Barista Pro, Barista Express, Infuser, Bambino Plus, Bambino, and the Duo-Temp Pro. It has a 100% natural sandalwood ergonomic handle and a food-grade stainless steel head.

Note that due to the straight wall design, some users say that they use about 2 grams more ground coffee than what they usually use. They also recommend tamping with a little less pressure.

Also Great: Neouza 54mm Bottomless Portafilter

The Neouza bottomless portafilter is suitable for all 54mm Breville Espresso Machines including the Barista Express, Barista Touch, and Barista Pro.

This naked portafilter also comes with a filter basket, a spoon, a brush, and a folding silicone mat (which can be used to help tamp your coffee evenly), making it one of the most complete bottomless portafilters on this list. The spoon serves a double purpose since it allows you to properly weigh ground coffee beans while acting as a cleaning brush as well.

Best for Breville 58mm Machines: Breville Compatible Bottomless Naked Portafilter

This bottomless portafilter is suitable for all 58mm Breville Machines including the Oracle Touch, the Oracle, and the Dual Boiler. It has a natural wood handle and a food-grade stainless steel head.

Most users experience good results with this portafilter, with the extraction process working well once the required small adjustments have been made to the espresso machine.

Note that this bottomless portafilter does not include the filter basket.

Best for De’Longhi Coffee Machines: Neouza 51mm Bottomless Portafilter

This bottomless portafilter is compatible with the De’Longhi EC680 and EC685 espresso machines. It is superbly weighted and very easy to use.

The design of this portafilter helps prevent channeling and you only need one hand to fasten the group handle into the espresso machine. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your stock De’longhi portafilter, this is a great option.

Best for Rancilio Silvia: Rancilio Bottomless Portafilter

The 58mm Rancilio naked portafilter is compatible with the Rancilio Silvia and Silvia Pro as well as commercial Rancilio machines. This is a great upgrade to the regular Rancilio Silvia portafilter.

This portafilter doesn’t include a filter basket however it will work with any depth of filter baskets due to its flush side-walls, which is good if you like to add more coffee to your espressos.

Best for Gaggia Coffee Machines: Gaggia Bottomless Naked Portafilter

This bottomless portafilter can hold up to 21 grams of coffee and is suitable for Gaggia espresso machines such as the Carezza, Classic, Espresso Deluxe, New Espresso 06, and all Baby and Evolution models. It is also suitable for commercial Kitchen Aid espresso machines

One thing to note is that this portafilter is not suitable for Gaggia models that have been launched after 2015.

Best for La Marzocco and Rocket: Pesado Wooden Portafilter

The Pesado bottomless portafilter is designed for heavy use. This portafilter is available in two versions: naked and with double spouts. Both versions fit LM and E61 group heads however the naked version comes without the basket.

The body and spouts are made of stainless steel with the spout having a precise splitting curve which allows for a thick flow of espresso. It is incredibly easy to clean and the handle comes with a slight wax coating in order to preserve the wood.

Best for E61 Group Head: Bottomless 58mm Portafilter

The 58mm basket of this portafilter is suitable for any machine that has an E61 group head. It is also compatible with Aurora, Elektra, Isomac Millennium Faema, Futurmat, Marzocco, Vibiemme, Wega, and any EMC espresso machine, making it one of the most versatile portafilters available.

The 58mm basket allows you to add more coffee. Pair it with a high-quality grinder to pull cafe-quality espresso shots.


Is a bottomless portafilter better?

Bottomless portafilters are thought to be better because they make the extraction process more visible. The user can learn about potential mistakes being made as the coffee is brewing which allows them to adjust tamping technique, grind size, or grams of coffee used in the future.
Once you have tamping mastered, a bottomless portafilter is a great next step to improve espresso extraction as it produces a more consistent crema. Another advantage of these types of portafilters is that they are easier to clean.

How do you measure a portafilter?

Portafilters come in several sizes, with 58mm being the most common as it can hold more coffee grounds. In order to find the measurement of your portafilter, simply measure from one side to the other (the diameter) and the number you get is your portafilter size.
In terms of tamping, you should ideally get a tamper that is about 0.75mm smaller than your portafilter size. This allows for an even tamp and lets the puck expand. If your tamper is too big or small, it will affect your brewing.

What is the portafilter size for Breville?

Breville coffee machines have either a 54mm or 58mm portafilter. The 54mm machines include the Barista Touch, Barista Pro, Barista Express, the Infuser, Bambino Plus, Bambino, and the Duo-Temp Pro. The 58mm machines are the Oracle Touch, the Oracle, and the Dual Boiler.

What size is E61 group head?

E61 group heads are one of the most commonly used group heads which makes finding compatible products easy. They can accommodate most regular and bottomless 58mm portafilters.

Should you keep a portafilter in the Grouphead?

If you are not using the portafilter it is still recommended to leave it in the group head for heat transference. In doing so, when you want to brew an espresso both the portafilter and the group head will have the same temperature. Keeping the portafilter in the group head helps with an even extraction and also prevents cracking from happening inside the portafilter in the long term.
If you decide to leave ground coffee beans inside the portafilter just be aware that they will continue to cook/burn, so it is best to leave the basket empty.

What are the 3 layers of a shot of espresso called?

The 3 layers of an espresso shot are called the heart, body, and crema. The heart is the brown base that is extracted first which is also known as the bottom layer. The body consists of the middle layer and it is where most of the extraction is located. This layer should have a caramel colour. Finally, the crema is the top thin layer and it holds the aroma of the espresso shot. A quality espresso should have these 3 layers balanced evenly.

Why is my bottomless portafilter spraying?

If your portafilter is spraying this may mean that your extraction is uneven. Uneven extraction results from channeling, which happens when water runs at different speeds through different parts of the coffee puck. It is often the result of poor tamping technique. This can also result in a broken or uneven coffee puck.
Other causes of channeling could include a portafilter that isn’t properly set up/suited to your machine or incorrect grind size.