The Best Automatic Coffee Machines in Australia for 2024

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Whether you’re looking to simplify your everyday coffee routine or looking for an upgrade from a Nespresso machine, purchasing an automatic home coffee machine can be the perfect solution.

But what should you consider before investing in an automatic machine? There is a wide spectrum of models and features available in this coffee machine category, so choosing the right model for you can be overwhelming.

To help you on your way, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite automatic coffee machines on the market in hopes to help you find the right coffeemaker to fit your style, taste, and budget.

Best Fully Automatic: DeLonghi PrimaDonna Soul

As the successor to the wildly popular PrimaDonna Elite, the Soul continues Delonghi’s legacy of high-quality fully automatic coffee machines, and steps things up a notch from previous models.

The PrimaDonna Soul is a super-automatic coffee machine that pairs intuitive brewing technology with convenience. With a built-in grinder, an attached milk frother, a 4.3” LCD touch screen display, and Wifi smartphone connectivity, the PrimaDonna lives up to its elite status. 

An important feature of the Soul is the Delonghi’s Bean Adapt Technology, which configures the coffee machine’s settings based on the coffee bean you have selected. The machine will balance grind, dose, and infusion temperature, to ensure your coffee is created with a balanced profile and avoiding over or under extraction.

Users have access to an incredible 21 different beverages via the touch screen display, including the new addition of Cortado.

Whether controlling this coffeemaker using the touch screen interface or the coffee link app on your smartphone, users can completely customise their brewing experience with little to no effort. With, a 2.2-litre removable water tank, rapid heat-up time, self-cleaning steam wand, and energy-saving capability, the PrimaDonna is as easy to use as it is easy to clean. 

As a fully-automatic coffee machine, it does run on the higher end of the price spectrum, and its large dimensions require countertop space.


  • 21 beverage options
  • Easy-to Clean
  • Bean Adapt Technology
  • Connects to your smartphone
  • 4.3” full touch colour display
  • Energy-saving switch


  • Pricier than semi-automatic alternatives
  • Large dimensions require extra countertop space

Best Automatic Manual: Breville The Oracle

The Breville Oracle is a coffee machine that bridges the gap between semi-automatic and fully-automatic espresso machines. With the ability to provide automated and manual brew options, the Breville Oracle is designed to empower users to make great coffee, regardless of user experience. This machine is capable of producing quality espresso with the push of a button. With automatic grinding, dosing, tamping, and milk texturing settings, this machine is the perfect tool for those looking for an easy and efficient approach to cafe-quality coffee. 

While the cost for this espresso maker is steep, the features provided and high calibre make it a worthwhile investment for at-home coffee making. What sets the Breville Oracle apart from most espresso makers is its ability to automate the two most difficult parts of the manual espresso process: dosing and steaming. 

The Oracle includes a conical burr grinder that automatically grinds, doses, and tamps 22 grams of coffee right into a portafilter. The dual stainless steel boilers and heated group head is controlled by a digital temperature PID, so the Oracle ensures water is at the right temperature for maximum extraction. Users can extract espresso and run the steaming wand at the same time. The milk temperature and texture can be adjusted to better suit your taste

The Breville Oracle also includes an easy-to-navigate LCD display that allows users control over grinding, brewing, and steaming all in one spot. The machine pump is capable of maintaining 15 bar pressure, maintaining the ideal pressure for extraction to happen. The inclusion of a one-touch Americano feature also makes this coffee machine unique. With it, the Oracle delivers a double shot of espresso and fills the cup with hot water through a dedicated spout, just like any quality commercial machine.

While this machine includes a self-cleaning steam wand feature, the maintenance process can be quite extensive. Users will still need to wipe the steam wand down after every use, and when the machine indicates a clean-out is needed, the descaling process can take between 60-90 minutes. Likewise, this machine weighs around 35 pounds, making it a large machine for most home kitchens.

Note, if you like the look of the Oracle but would appreciate a colour touch screen interface, check out the Breville Oracle Touch.


  • Dual Boiler machine, allowing users to brew and steam at the same time
  • Automation options for grinding, dosing, tamping, and milk texturing
  • Self-cleaning milk frother
  • 2.5 Litre water tank and 226-gram coffee bean capacity
  • One-Touch Americano Feature


  • 60-90 minute descaling process 
  • Expensive
  • Large size may not be a good fit for every kitchen bench

Best Value for Money: DeLonghi Magnifica S

DeLonghi’s Magnifica S coffeemaker is one of the most cost-efficient, fully-automatic coffee machines on the market. This machine specializes in brewing quality espresso and has a rapid steam feature for manual cappuccino making. While the dimensions of this machine are more compact, and there is no touch LCD display available, this automatic coffee machine offers users many of the same customizable brewing features at a lower cost.

Like DeLonghi’s super-automatic and high-tech models, the Magnifica S allows users the ability to control every aspect of the brewing process from bean to cup. Featuring a silent coffee grinder with 13 different settings, 15 bar pressure, a rapid steam milk frother, and serving size control, the Magnifica offers many of the same features as its high-tech contenders.

While this machine lacks a touch screen display, users can easily select their grind size by turning the dial in the centre and can create optimal espresso coffee with the touch of a button.

The Magnifica S includes other features trademark to the DeLonghi brand like an auto shut off, stand-by feature, and a power switch. This allows this automatic coffee machine to save more energy than the average maker. Additionally, the removable drip tray, water reservoir, and infuser unit make for an easy-to-clean home coffee machine.

With only 13 available grind settings, experienced espresso users may require a separate grinder to achieve finer coffee consistencies. Furthermore, the Magnifica S is limited to automatically brewing espresso. Users will have to assemble their cappuccino manually. 


  • New silent grinder with 13 settings 
  • Auto-programmed decalcification and rinse 
  • Energy-saving function
  • Rapid cappuccino feature 
  • Adjustable for varying cup sizes


  • No LCD Display screen 
  • Seasoned espresso drinkers may need more grind settings 
  • Automatic brewing is limited to espresso

Best Automatic Cappuccino: De’Longhi Eletta Cappuccino Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Like other DeLonghi fully-automatic coffee machines, the Eletta cappuccino maker allows you to create your cafe favourites with the touch of a button. The sleek, stainless design of the Eletta adds a modern touch to any kitchen. This bean to cup machine comes equipped with a silent burr grinder as well as an automatic milk frother, and its integrated milk menu ensures quality foam for the perfect latte, flat white, or cappuccino. 

With the intuitive LCD control panel, users are able to customize their brew by selecting the ideal temperature, aroma, and brew size. The Eletta includes a long coffee setting for drip-brew lovers, which allows users to add variety to their brew routine.

The double boiler system in this machine allows users to brew up to two espresso shots and heat milk at the same time. With the Thermoblock technology and the LatteCrema system, the Eletta functions at the perfect temperature for brewing coffee and steaming milk for a creamy cappuccino.

The inclusion of a cup warmer ensures the perfect cup of hot espresso at the end of the brewing process.

The Eletta is the perfect machine for users who want cafe-quality beverages without a barista’s experience. However, this machine also considers those looking for some manual control over their cappuccino.

Included with this coffee machine is an extra cappuccino device for steam and water, which can be used to manually prepare milk foam or hot water for tea. Likewise, the Milk Menu feature on the automatic steam wand allows users to personalize their milk-based beverages to texture and temperature.

Like any other fully-automatic coffee maker, this machine is a big investment cost-wise, but it does provide you with a level of convenience that semi-automatic machines don’t. Despite the automatic cleaning feature for day-to-day maintenance, the descaling process for this machine does take some time.


  • Integrated coffee grinder and steam wand 
  • LatteCrema system for perfect milk foam
  • Built-in cup warmer
  • Automatic cleaning function for easy maintenance


  • Higher-end of the price spectrum 
  • Seasoned espresso drinkers may need more grind settings 
  • Time-consuming descaling process

Upgrade Pick: Jura S8 Automatic Coffee Machine

This Jura S8 is a super-automatic espresso machine that provides a great upgrade to your kitchen bench! This automatic coffee maker works with pre-ground coffee or whole coffee beans and allows users to prepare 15 barista-quality specialty drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and authentic espresso at the touch of a button.

The Jura S8 features a high-resolution touch screen that makes for a simple to use the device and ensures users brew the perfect cup of coffee every time.

The S8 automatically grinds, tamps, and freshly brews each cup for optimal flavour and taste. Users can adjust the programming to tailor the coffee strength, volume, and style to fit their preferences.

This model features JURA’s exclusive technology Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.), which optimizes the extraction time for the perfect espresso. Likewise, this high-tech model is wireless-ready and can be controlled using the Jura Operating Experience (J.O.E) app using smart connect.

The S8 takes cleaning to the next level in the same way it modernizes the coffee-making process. This machine includes integrated rinsing, cleaning, and descaling for both the espresso machine and milk frother. While most features provided in this automatic coffee machine are automated, a manual transition is required to shift the milk frother from heating milk to producing milk foam. All features available in the S8 model are reflected in the machine’s price and size. 

For those looking to invest in a tech-savvy upgrade, the Jura S8 is a super-automatic espresso machine to consider.


  • 15 individually programmed specialties 
  • LCD touch screen display
  • HP3 milk frothing system 
  • Works with whole bean and pre-ground coffee
  • Wireless and smartphone-connected
  • Adjustable coffee spout for different mug sizes


  • Higher-end of the price spectrum 
  • Dimensions require more bench space 
  • Manual transition from milk to milk foam

Best Mid-Range Fully Automatic: DeLonghi Dinamica Automatic Coffee Machine

For those looking for an automatic espresso machine with a perfect balance between ease of use, affordability, and access to top of the line brewing features, the DeLonghi Dinamica is the best automatic coffee machine for you.

Its sharp, stainless steel design complements any kitchen, and its built-in grinder and automatic milk frothing allow users to prepare cafe-style coffee drinks from the comfort of their own home.

With the Dinamica, users have access to many features trademark to trademark automatic espresso machines, such as the silent grinder, rapid heat-up time, LatteCrema technology, and easy clean system. With the simple to use control panel and graphic display, users are able to customise and save coffee recipes with the My Menu function.

Adjust the aroma, temperature, and density to create the perfect espresso every time. This coffee machine allows users to work with whole coffee beans or pre-ground coffee, and the LatteCrema system enables users to compliment their espresso with dense and creamy milk foam.

The Dinamica coffee maker includes many integrated cleaning functions, making this machine easy to maintain between uses. The milk carafe will automatically clean after each use, and all parts in contact with milk are cleaned with hot water and steam. The removable water tank, brewing unit, and drip tray add to easy cleaning. The drip tray includes a dishwasher safe grid as well. 

Like many other DeLonghi automatic machines, there is some excess dripping from the device after coffee brews. As a fully automatic machine, its grind settings are more limited, and espresso coffee drinkers may need more grind settings for their ideal brew. Finally, many users have noted that the temperature of both coffee and milk froth brewed with the Dinamica isn’t hot enough for their taste. For those craving piping hot coffee, this may not be the best automatic coffee machine for you.


  • 1.8-litre water tank capacity 
  • Removable brewing units for easy cleaning
  • LatteCrema system for perfect milk froth
  • Saves customisations to My Menu feature 
  • Double boiler can brew coffee and steam milk simultaneously


  • Excess dripping after pouring coffee
  • Seasoned espresso drinkers may require more grind settings 
  • Coffee temperature may not measure up

Best Space-Saving Machine: Gaggia Besana Automatic Fully Espresso Machine

For users looking for a compact automatic espresso machine, the Gaggia Besana is a quality, cost-efficient machine to consider. The Besana is designed to be simple and functional, while also producing the perfect cup of coffee.

This super-automatic espresso machine allows users to customise their brewing and steaming specifications with the push of a button or the turn of a knob. With 100% ceramic burrs built-in and a classic Panarello wand, the Besana brings quality material to its versatile and ergonomic design.

The intuitive interface allows users to select from two espresso shot options, as well as customise their espresso coffee by selecting a single shot, double shot, or lungo brewing options. The stainless steel, rapid steam boiler allows for a fast heat-up time, as well.

Like other single boiler super-automatic machines, users cannot brew coffee and steam milk simultaneously, so this device requires more brewing time than dual boiler devices.

The Besana is designed to be a front-loading device. As a result, the water reservoir and dreg drawer can be pulled out from the front of the machine, which makes this coffee-maker easily able to fit in tight spaces.

With a 180-gram capacity bean hopper, users don’t have to consistently refill coffee beans. With a removable brew unit, reservoir, and a programmed automatic rinsing cycle, the Besana is easy to use and easy to clean. Furthermore, the device will alert users when the machine needs to be descaled.

While other super-automatic espresso machines include a variety of automatically-prepared coffee drinks, the Besana is limited to preparing espresso and froth milk. As a compact machine, it is limited in its grind settings and lacks the ability to adjust to different cup sizes.


  • 1 litre water tank capacity 
  • Rapid steam boiler
  • Automatic rinse cycle and descaling alert
  • Affordable for an automatic coffee machine


  • Limited to 5 grind settings
  • Single boiler machine 
  • Lacks adjustable cup height
  • Limited brewing options

Best Smart Machine: Melitta Caffeo Barista TS Smart Automatic Coffee Machine

The Melitta Caffeo smart coffee machine is the perfect investment for tech-savvy coffee lovers looking to upgrade their home coffee routine. This super-automatic espresso machine grinds brews, and steams, and can be controlled using the TFT display screen, or from the Melitta Connect app on a smartphone.

Users can choose from 21 different preset coffee drinks at the touch of a button, Users can also take customisation to a new level by creating and saving coffee profiles and beverage preferences in the My coffee profiles feature on the control panel and app. Users can control the coffee size, strength, and milk texture all from their smartphone.

Likewise, Melitta’s built-in dual bean hopper can store two different coffee blends, adding another level of versatility to this automatic machine. Likewise, the machine can make two coffees simultaneously, which sets it apart from most super-automatic espresso machines on the market.

This sleek, stainless steel machine also includes an automatic cleaning system. The easy to use touch screen display walks users through necessary cleaning processes step by step. The machine automatically carries out quick rinses and runs steam through the steam wand. Likewise, this automatic machine will notify users when the spill tray is full or water levels are low.

While there are many automated elements to this machine controlled through the app, users do have to manually adjust the grind size. The app also experiences occasional glitches.


  • 21 preset coffee recipes to choose from
  • Can be smartphone-controlled 
  • High-resolution TFT colour display 
  • Dual bean hopper


  • Higher-end of the price spectrum 
  • App is subject to tech glitches 
  • Manually adjust grind size 
  • This machine is massive

Most Versatile: Jura Z6 Automatic Coffee Machine

This bean to cup super-automatic espresso machine is a coffee lover’s dream realized. For those looking for a machine that customizes every element of your brew to taste, this is the perfect investment for you. The Jura Z6 pairs ease of use with intelligent brewing using artificial intelligence technology to identify and save personal coffee preferences and update the 3.5: TFT display as it’s used.

The Z6 offers an impressive 22 specialty coffee drinks at the press of a button. With access to premium brewing features like a Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P) and fine foam technology, users can redefine their home coffee experience by customising each element of their brewing experience.

The Z6 includes height-adjustable spouts and a wide drip tray to accommodate all cup sizes and shapes. Users can also choose between 10 different coffee strength levels, 10 milk temperature settings, 3 brewing temperatures, and 2 hot water temperature settings.

This coffee machine can be programmed to switch off automatically, making it efficient and energy-saving.

However, this machine has automated every aspect of the brewing process except for cleaning. The machine does include reminders for cleaning, and regular maintenance takes around 20 minutes to perform. Users can run an automatic cleaning cycle with a Jura cleaning tablet, too. The process for descaling is a lengthy one, but users can avoid it by using Claris filters in the water reservoir.


  • 2.4-litre water tank 
  • AI technology 
  • TFT screen display and user-friendly controls
  • 22 pre-programmed coffee recipes with additional customisable features


  • May not an ideal options for brewers on a budget 
  • Variety of features can take time to learn 
  • Manual cleaning and long descaling process

Best Semi-Automatic: Breville Barista Express

A popular alternative to a fully automatic machine, the Breville Barista Express is a hybrid conical burr grinder and espresso machine. This coffee maker allows users to grind beans right before the extraction process, ensuring a fresh cafe-style cup of coffee every time. The versatile Barista Express pairs convenience and efficiency with quality coffee at an affordable cost, making it a great coffee machine choice for most people.

The Barista Express integrates conical burrs with dose-control and over 18 available grind settings. This machine is known to grind fresh coffee beans to espresso-fine in under a minute. The dosing control technology allows the machine to grind coffee directly into a portafilter for a smooth transition from grinding to brewing.

The Digital Temperature control (PID) feature helps maintain temperature stability of the group head, and throughout the brewing process for optimal espresso extraction. The Barista Express includes other additional features to maximize user espresso capability. Some examples include the pressure gauge to assist with the extraction process and a high-performance wand that allows you to hand texture micro-foam milk. 

The Barista Express displays all brew and grind settings on the face of the machine. The adjustable grind size dial and doser are displayed on the left-hand side of the machine, while all espresso configurations can be found on the right.

Users have the option to select single or double shot options easily, as well as receive a notification if the machine needs to be cleaned. Likewise, the “Filter Size” button allows users to choose between 1 cup or 2 cup options. The single basket filter is used for the 1 cup option, while the dual basket is used with the 2-cup option.


  • Grinder built into coffee machine for maximum freshness
  • Interchangeable filters for single and double shot options
  • Electronic PID Temperature Control 
  • 2 Litre water tank
  • Micro-foam milk texturing technology for latte art
  • Affordable for its calibre


  • Grinder may not satisfy experienced espresso drinkers 
  • As a single boiler machine, it cannot brew espresso and froth milk simultaneously

Introducing: Breville Barista Express Impress

2022 has seen a welcome upgrade to Breville’s most popular home espresso machine.

The new Barista Express Impress comes with all the features users love about the Barista Express including an integrated burr grinder, Thermocoil heating system, and a 2L water tank.

However, there are a few important upgrades that you’ll find on the Impress that are mostly related to creating less mess and optimising the dosing and tamping process.

These include:

Assisted tamping: On the standard Express, each dose of espresso needs to be tamped manually. On the Impress, a built-in tamper helps the user achieve the perfect tamp, applying the right amount of pressure and even incorporating a twist at the end for a smooth puck, just like a barista would do it.

Intelligent dosing: Dosing the correct amount of ground coffee into the filter basket can be a challenge, even for the most experienced home barista. The Impress features technology that learns how much to dose based on the previous grind and tamp process.

More grind settings: The number of grind settings has increased from 16 to 25. This wider range better allows the user to control grind size and, consequently, coffee extraction.

View the Breville Barista Express Impress at The Good Guys.

Automatic Coffee Machine Comparison Table

Coffee MachineOur VerdictFully AutomaticInput PowerPump PressureTouch ScreenWater TankWarranty
DeLonghi PrimaDonna SoulBest Fully AutomaticYes1450 Watts19 BarYes2.2 Litres2 Years
Breville The OracleBest Automatic ManualNo1800 Watts15 BarYes2.5 Litres2 Years
DeLonghi Magnifica SBest Value for MoneyYes1450 Watts15 BarNo1.8 Litres2 Years
Breville Barista ExpressBest Semi-AutomaticNo1850 Watts15 BarNo2.0 Litres1 Year
De’Longhi Eletta CappuccinoBest Automatic CappuccinoYes1450 Watts15 BarNo2.0 Litres2 Years
Jura S8Upgrade PickYes1450 Watts15 BarYes1.9 Litres25 Months
DeLonghi DinamicaBest Mid-Range AutomaticYes1450 Watts15 BarNo1.8 Litres2 Years
Gaggia BesanaBest Space-Saving MachineNo1400 Watts15 BarNo1.0 Litre2 Years
Melitta Caffeo Barista TSBest Smart MachineYes1450 Watts15 BarNo1.8 Litres
Jura Z6Most VersatileYes1450 Watts15 BarYes2.4 Litres25 Months

Automatic Coffee Machine Buying Guide

Unlike a manual coffee machine, purchasing an automatic coffee machine is a hefty investment. As a result, it’s important to do some research prior to picking out an automatic coffee maker.  This buying guide seeks to provide some helpful context to help you find the automatic machine that is best for your household!

Convenience and Cost

Many added features and conveniences make up the difference between semi-automatic and super-automatic coffee machines, and the convenience is often directly related to the machine’s cost.

Machine Size

The more features available on an automatic coffee machine, the larger its size. Depending on the brand and machine you invest in, you could be looking at a device that takes up to 60cm of countertop space. More affordable automatic coffee machines typically run on the smaller side but can be limited in terms of features and efficiency. 

If you are working with a limited countertop or kitchen bench space, you may also be limited in the automatic coffee machines that will fit. If the sky’s the limit in terms of available space, then your buying range is more expansive.

Boiler Type

Automatic espresso machines are typically designed with a single boiler or dual boiler. The number of boilers, combined with their size, can affect the machine’s efficiency and brewing time.

Single boiler machines are used to heat water for making coffee as well as steam milk for frothing. However, this device cannot perform both functions at once. As a result, single boiler machines brew coffee first and steam second.

Dual boilers, on the other hand, have a separate boiler for each function, allowing the machine to create a milky coffee in a shorter amount of time. Likewise, from a cost perspective, dual boilers tend to be more expensive than single boilers.

Customise your cup of coffee

Another beneficial feature of automatic coffee machines includes is the ability to customize the coffee-making process. Most automatic devices provide users with the ability to control things like the grind, water temperature, aroma, brew strength, and froth consistency along the way. More sophisticated devices also include a repertoire of pre-programmed coffee recipes for users to select at the press of a button.

Depending on your brewing preferences, you may want access to pre-programmed coffee drink recipes, or a machine that saves your personal preferences to a coffee profile for future uses. This premium feature is usually present in devices on the high end of the price spectrum. For those who prefer to keep the available features to a minimum and focus on brewing quality coffee, there are automatic coffee machines that prioritize functionality, too.


When it comes to purchasing an automatic coffee machine, the more automated the machine is able to make the coffee process, the more expensive the machine runs.

For those looking for an upgrade from a manual coffee maker, but who don’t want to break the bank on a super-automatic coffee machine, a semi-automatic espresso machine is a great compromise. There is a learning curve, and some practice is required to get the most out of this machine.

For those looking to test the limits of what automated brewing can do, investing in a super-automatic machine is a great solution for you, especially if there are no limits to your spending budget.

The brew features you would like access to, desired built-in devices like a coffee grinder and steam wand, and tech innovations that intrigue you, will ultimately determine the cost.

There are super-automatic coffee makers on the market for an affordable price, but oftentimes they lack the extent of the features premium machines include.

Extra Amenities: Brewing Features and Techy Innovations

As the world continues to evolve and modernize, brands continue to innovate and add new features to their coffee machines.

These features can range from including a Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P), LatteCrema system, or even Artificial intelligence technology to remember and save coffee beverage preferences.

While the end goal for each feature is implemented to make a coffee machine more efficient, some features may not suit your style or taste.

Smart Phone Compatibility

For coffee lovers who enjoy a modern, high-tech twist to their automatic espresso machine, users can enjoy features like a touch screen LCD display, wireless connectivity, and the ability to control their coffee preferences and brew styles from their smartphone. 

Super-automatic devices such as the Jura Z6 and the Melitta Caffeo TS smart espresso machine allow users to optimize drink preferences on a downloadable app that syncs to the machine.

Both machines even include customisable coffee profiles that save to the display screen menu. For more traditional coffee drinkers, a smart espresso machine may be an overwhelming choice.

Automated Cleaning Features

Cleaning automatic and super-automatic espresso machines can be a lengthy and tedious process. Some machines have sought to make this process less painful for users by building automated rinsing and cleaning features.

If you are not someone who enjoys regularly cleaning your automatic espresso machine, you may consider investing in a device that conducts automated cleaning after each use, and includes an easy-to-navigate descaling process.

If your device includes an automatic milk frother, the device may also include integrated cleaning. For espresso machines without the automated cleaning option, investing in Claris filters can help space out the frequency of descaling your machine. 


An automatic coffee machine is no light investment. Thorough research is required to truly find the best device to fit your taste. Hopefully, this buying guide has been able to help narrow the buying field for your next automated espresso machine!

Automatic Coffee Machine FAQs

What is the difference between automatic, semi-automatic, and super-automatic espresso machines?

The primary difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic espresso machines is the amount of manual involvement the users have in the coffee-making process. While automatic and super-automatic espresso machines require little manual involvement beyond pressing buttons and choosing optimal settings, a semi-automatic espresso machine requires manual grinding, loading the portafilter, tamping, and pressing a button to pull an espresso shot. 
The benefit of a semi-automatic espresso machine is that you’re the boss, and have control over brewing variables, while with fully automatic and super-automatic espresso machines, you’re at the mercy of the machine’s settings.

Should I get a Nespresso or Automatic Espresso machine?

While both devices are designed with convenience in mind, an automatic espresso machine prioritizes fresh coffee just as much as it does convenience and brewing variety. Like a Nespresso device, a super-automatic espresso machine is designed to do most of the work for you. However, a primary difference is that while a Nespresso relies on coffee pods, an automatic espresso machine uses freshly ground coffee. 
Sure, coffee pod Nespresso machines offer a nice variety to the everyday coffee routine and are easy to use, they lack the aroma and taste of freshly-ground and brewed espresso. For those looking for something more affordable, a Nespresso is a viable option. If you’re looking for high-quality espresso, an automatic espresso machine is the better investment.

Which is better Jura or Breville?

While both brands have innovated some magnificent automatic espresso machines over the years, they definitely do cater to different types of coffee drinkers. Jura is known for producing some top-notch espresso machines. As a result, their products tend to be pretty pricey. If money isn’t an object for you, a Jura espresso machine is a great investment, and users are guaranteed a quality, durable device that lasts for years to come. 
For those who want the most value for their money, a Breville espresso machine may be the better route to go. Breville devices emphasize innovation and communication, where Jura’s brand prioritizes durability. This Australian company makes machines that are accessible in the cost and features department and prioritizes its consumers with stellar customer service.