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Josef Mott

Josef has worked with coffee for close to ten years, holding various roles along the way. A barista and roaster, he is also certified as an Authorised Specialty Coffee Association Trainer.

His coffee journey started in London but it was working as a barista in Melbourne where his coffee career really started to take off. The jump in quality and professionalism he experienced when working in the heart of Australia’s culinary scene took his appreciation for food and drink to a whole new level.

After Melbourne, Josef worked in Berlin for one of the most established, single-origin focused coffee roasters in Europe (if not the world). Here he gained experience roasting at a much higher level, as well as moving into the specialist position of ‘Head Trainer’ for the company.

He has since moved into the educational side of coffee, sharing his knowledge and personal experiences to help those just entering the industry, or with enthusiastic home brewers who want some assistance in getting the most out of their beans.

Josef has been fascinated to see the way the world of coffee has changed drastically in such a small space of time. With so many people now working from home, he has seen a huge increase in the investment people are making into their home brewing setups.

He has recently pieced together a full home setup for himself, including a roaster, espresso machine and several filter brewing devices, and is now focused on using his professional experience to help coffee lovers brew coffee that can reach the quality levels they were used to getting from their neighbourhood cafe.

Kayla Riportella

Kayla is a teacher, writer, and coffee enthusiast. From an early age, she has been fascinated by the cafe scene and has spent countless hours appreciating the unique environment each shop has been able to create. More than just the ambience, Kayla was drawn to the artistry behind coffee brewing. Exploring different grinders, brewing devices, and coffee roasts have become Kayla’s primary hobbies.

When she isn’t writing or teaching, Kayla spends her time exploring roasters and coffee shops throughout the United States, experimenting with different brew methods, and improving her home brewing skills. Her lifetime goal is to visit and explore coffee shops in all 50 states.

Kayla’s current home setup consists of a De’Longhi All-in-one combination maker and a Baratza Encore coffee grinder. She loves the versatility of both grinder and coffee machine, as well as the freedom to make drip-coffee or espresso as needed. Outside of electric brewing devices, Kayla is particularly obsessed with her Aeropress.

Kayla enjoys experimenting with all coffee varieties but prefers rich, full-bodied flavour notes in her coffee cup. Her favourite varieties include any form of single-origin, medium and dark roasts.

Anna Shuayre

Anna runs Meet the Local, an Instagram page dedicated to sharing the stories of local businesses and the people that run them, with a focus on coffee shops. Her process involves visiting local coffee shops and interviewing the owner. They talk about their struggles, successes and their journey. Creating Meet the Local was an important first step in Anna’s journey in learning about specialty coffee.

Since starting Meet the Local, Anna has worked as a barista and continued learning as much as she can about the world of coffee. At the beginning of 2021, Anna started working at one of the best coffee roasters in her home of Mexico City. Here she has learnt about roasting, quality control, and cupping. She is also in charge of profiling coffees and visiting coffee plantations to meet the farmers. This role has also provided her with experience working with a wide range of popular coffee gear from brands like Fellow, Slayer, and Acaia. This hands-on experience has put her in a unique position to be able to get familiar with and compare different products and understand what each offers consumers.

She has also started writing for a non profit called I’m Not A Barista. The organisation has the mission: “To celebrate the coffee community by empowering baristas to reach their fullest potential”. The platform was built to share the stories of baristas and provide financial support.

Anna attributes a lot of her passion for coffee to her mother. Her mum was always a big fan of coffee, and using a traditional coffee maker would have around 8 cups ready for the day. Anna grew up watching her mum drink coffee and their adventures would consist of going to different chain coffee shops.

Going forward, Anna wants to keep promoting and sharing the stories of local business via Meet the Local, both internationally and within Mexico. She also wants to continue learning about coffee and specifically about cupping. Recently she has toyed with the idea of training to become a Q grader (an individual credentialed by the CQI to grade and score coffees utilising Specialty Coffee Association of America standards).

Maybe, in the future, she will open a small coffee shop with her best friend and promote Latin America’s best fincas and single origin coffee.

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