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Aeropress vs French Press

The Aeropress and the French Press (also known as a plunger or press pot) provide a quick and low maintenance approach to manual brewing. The end result is a quality cup of coffee, prepared in a few minutes. Many people know and love French Pressed coffee, and it’s easy to rely on this brewing system because of its availability and reputation. But does the newer Aeropress method offer something a French press can’t?

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    Breville Smart Grinder Pro Hands-On Review

    When talking to a coffee enthusiast “the most important piece of equipment is a good grinder”, is an expression you hear a lot.

    With this in mind, the entry-level espresso coffee grinder market has been put under a microscope by home coffee lovers to find a well-rounded coffee grinder at an accessible price point, that will sit tidily next to their coffee machine at home.

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